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  • Good Morning - These Are Not San Garbriel Mountains

    This is the sunrise at the the Si Ku Niang Shan in Xiaojin County, Sichuan near the border of Tibet. This is taken at the 4,500M elevation. I am on my way back from the trip. I am not feeling too well on the 3rd day due to the highland reactions. I am…

  • Purple Pearls - 大珠小珠落玉盤

    This Purple Rose is from my yard. The color seem have change to more warmer tone. When you looking at this image, I recommend that you spend time to view at the details. this is not using low DOF technique. It is using f22 -25. A hand tower is used…

  • Warm Heart On Ice - 心温世凉

    This is the Fruit Art project. Think of the Green environment, I taken this using natural lights. I hope you love this Great work!!

  • Is This Dragon?? 龙??

    This is what I found on my yard 2 days ago. It is about 2ft long. Can anyone tell me what is this?? Probably Damselfly from Singapore should be able to gives more info on this reptile. Just have a change from those normal posting today.

  • Mountains Are Not Mountains - 见 山 不 是 山

    This is taken at San Gabriel Mountains, over looking San Joaquin Mountains. You can see the pollutions & smog & fogs all mixed together to produce this beautiful scenery. The sun is just coming up on the horizon. Please enjoy this!! N.B. The title is…

  • Colorful World - 争艳斗丽!!

    This is another creative Art by using Panning & Tossing of Camera. You need to spend time like those art consultant's, looking at the details of each & every corner, at the sametime imagine on the whole picture as an art; what are the image related to th…

  • Loving Community!!

    This is a NaNo project. In order to get more lights in, I have placed a white hand tower in between the leaf & flower petal. To all my fans & friends on Photos Blogging, My advise is when you participate in any Photo Blogging community. As long as you k…

  • Fire & Water In Harmony - 水火既済

    This is a creative art of running Tap Water & Late noon sunlights which compose up this abstract image. This is an other example of how a Photography fine art can be created with the available objects & nature. This is great creation. Enjoy.

  • Wishing You A Rosies Weekend!!

    Is another Friday, Another weekend. I wish you have a great weekend. You may wonder, why I have a green spot on this image?? The reason is , in the traditional painting, the artist would always like to paint about "Balance" & also Nature. Red Flow…

  • Victor or Victoria??

    This is Bird-nest fern, it is taken with the late noon sunlights at 150 degree angle. I really appreciate the flow of lights & the blending of the leaf itself from clear to blur at the top. These gives the feeling of 3D, rather than flat 2 dimens…

  • United

    This Poppy stamen ( The whole Center plus little Stamens) is about 1cm in diameter. It is taken with sunset light from the back. Windy of 10mph. A white hand tower is used as a reflector infront to get more lights. This is great shot.

  • Green Vege Noodles

    Today is My late Mom's B.Day & also the Anniversary of the Goddess of Mercy . The Noodles dish is a tradition in our culture to be served on the birthday. This dish also dedicated to all my fan;s & friends who are vegetarian.

  • Mum's Delights

    My late mum's love all flowers, especially Rose, Dahlia & Chrysanthemum. This color pink is a little un-usual from the earlier that grown in my yard. Very light color. The sun light is actually from the back to give the grow of the flower. One observa…

  • Leaving The Blue Planet

    Do you know that rocket fuel containing some chemical that can cause the damages of the brain of baby. I have read the report on some research that the Trouts & Salmon have bi-sexual organs is also due to the same chemical compound found in the Colorado…

  • Purple Peace Universe

    This is taken at my yard. With the sunset lights as back light. A white paper tower is holding on the left hand. right hand finger on the shutter. Wind speed 10 miles per hour. Low lights.

  • Power of Love - My Appreciation 2 All

    Sometimes, I was at a meeting on food & drinks. There was a question raised by one that why Rose is the symbol of love!! Then the instructor Jenny said that Rose fragrant & Rose itself emitting a frequency, which is resonant to our Bio 3 cycle Happy…

  • Broccoli Mushroom Carrot Nooddles

    This dish is specially for those vegetarian fans & friends. This is the dry version. The soup have to be serve separately. The ingredients are on the tags. Thank you for your support.

  • 1st Bridge To Si Ku Niang Shan

    This is the bridge at the 3,500meter elevation of the mountain area of Wulong County Leading to the Si Ku Niang Shan; in Sichuan, China. The road is rather narrow & on the cliff, couple with bumpy road, it make taking picture not a great experience. Alo…

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