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  • Enmigrinto.

    Enmigrinto (Inmigrante). Oleo sur tolo 120 X 78 cm. Novembro 2014. Kelkfoje estas malfacile eniri en la ŝuoj de aliulo, speciale kiam vi serĉas manĝaĵon en rubo ujoj, estante neleĝa enmigrinto. Martha.

  • curves & lines 44

  • 330/365

    sad man

  • 334/365

    Microcrystals. Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphite

  • 356/365 / Die Welt in der Kugel #001

    This glass ball I have for some time. But I have been viewed neither the future nor taken photos. Seeking again a new photo project for next year. Perhaps 100 images with the ball? The figures of 1-100? 100 manhole cover? ...

  • Treasures from the archive. #1

    Hallo ihr Lieben. wie ihr bemerkt habt, mache ich mich gerade etwas rar. Die Kamera hat Pause. Ich stöbere nun im Archiv und werde ab und an was posten, bis mir was neues einfällt. Ich fange mit diesem Geschöpf an. Ein Weingeist?

  • #Fork 03/50


  • TSC: something that rolls

    I always wanted to take a photo of glass marbles. (I see I´m not the first one)

  • Torb a les parets del Cadí

    Wind in the walls of the Serra del Cadí

  • Siluetes

  • On the road.

    Some more of my summer vacation in Ecuador. **************************************** ***** Chimborazo is a currently inactive stratovolcano in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes. Its last known eruption is believed to have occurred around 550…

  • 320/365

    A grooved one. Too bad that the textures project is over.

  • urban stories 22

  • On embarque ....

  • 229/365

    Continuous rain for two days.

  • 240/365

    Bee happy!

  • 251/365

    It has become fall.

  • 225/365

    Who hung the sun to the power line?

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