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Darwin: Origin of species

Darwin: Origin of species
Entstehung der Arten
Ekesto de la specioj

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Ĉu vi sciis, ke baldaŭ ĝi aperos en Esperanto? Vidu en la retejo de FEL.
10 years ago.
Hans-Georg Kaiser
Hans-Georg Kaiser
Mi ne sciis tion, vere ne, sed trovas tion tre salutinda, mi aĉetos ĝin.
10 years ago.
Roland Platteau
Roland Platteau
bela libro.

(ĝi aperos en Esperanto?!! mi konjektas, ke mi aĉetos)
mi vidas, ke ĝi estas nun "kontrolata de la aŭtoro" ĉu Darwin reviviĝis por kontroli? estus bona novaĵo!
10 years ago.
Lars Sözüer
Lars Sözüer
Dear Yeshim!
Your English is very good. Mine is not better.
I hope you will still understand what I want to say:
Darwinism, or better the theory of evolution as the origin of species,
is not at all a belief system, but it is a scientific theory.
I think you know what a scientific theory is: something that explains
the facts that researchers find, until they come up with a fact
that disproves the theory.
So the question is not whether to believe or not in the theory.
The question is simply to confirm that the theory explains the facts.
To denounce scientists who are working for our better understanding
of nature, that they fake results in order to support anti-humanist
ideologies, like this author does, is an anti-humanist act itself.
I hope that this is one of those ideas of him which you do not support.
10 years ago.