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  • Sandy - HFF!

    Cat and Fiddle Bench - in memory of Sandy Ross, Ullapool. It is said that no Ceilidh was complete without Sandy and his fiddle. The link is 'Sandy' by John Travolta 'The Music Weaver' by Sandy Denny…

  • The Man In Black

    West Country musician Jimmy Jay appearing on the High Street Stage at the Bridgwater Carnival Day entertainment event. Added for CWP Music added is 'The Man on Stage' by Jake Bugg

  • Persuasion (PiP) HFF!

    A laugh out loud moment when we were confronted by a farmer gently 'persuading' his cows to move on down the road with a gentle nudge or two. (Please see PP) The cows looked mightily unimpressed! Apologies for the poor quality - I took the pictures thr…

  • Lone Piper (PiP)

    The haunting sound of the bagpipes drifts along the glen as the lone piper plays. CWP

  • Tumbling Down HFF

    St Ninian's Chapel, Isle of Whithorn, The chapel and the surviving part of the enclosure wall date back to about 1300. It seems to have been built on the site of a narrower chapel dedicated to St Ninian in the 1100s, The link is 'Tumbling Down' by Steve…

  • Moored, HFF

    Portree, Isle of Skye, I liked the fence with the decorative gold metalwork. I have added 'Glitter and Gold' by Rebecca Ferguson as my link

  • The Old Man and the Rainbow HFF!

    The Misty Isle after a storm and we were heading towards the Old Man of Storr, visible of the left hand side of this shot, and this beautiful rainbow appeared. I have added 'Old Man' by Neil Young as a link (for Sight and Sound)…

  • Up Be Four (Before) The Beaks!

    Four Sparrows in a Maple Tree Uploaded for CWP

  • Skye High!

    A Skye view where the landscape seems to touch the sky. I have added the link 'Sky High' by Jigsaw Better viewed large.

  • Lochside Track

    The single track runs alongside Loch Carron. We have fallen in love with Scotland and when we go back it feels like we are going home I have added 'One Track Mind' by Eric Clapton from his 'Back Home' album.

  • Silver Stallion

    One of the Kelpies pictured under a dark sky. I have added the link 'Silver Stallion' by the Highwaymen

  • A Walk in the Wild. HFF!

    Glenbart MacAlister Visitor Centre. Wild and overgrown from this entrance - the grass looks to be knee deep and I have dded 'Truly, Madly Deeply' by Savage Garden and a second link Hauser and 'Song from a Secre…

  • Sail Away With Me! HFF!!

    Oban Harbour (with just a little fence!) I have added 'Sailing Ships' by Kate Brady as my link and as a second link here is 'Sail Away' by David Gray from the White Ladder album

  • Troubled Past/Peaceful Present and a HFF!

    Dunbar Harbour, East Lothian, nestled at the foot of the Castle Dunbar ruins. In 1567 an Act of Parliament decreed that the castle should be destroyed following the Battle of Carberry Hill. It has been a ruin ever since then. As a nod to the history o…

  • Girls Day Out!

    Having a paddle and pictured enjoying a day at the beach, these cows were seen near Oban, Scotland I have added 'Girls on the Beach' by The Beach Boys and 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cyndi Lauper…

  • Horsepower HFF

    Model Kelpies at the Falkirk Wheel I have added 'Kelpie' by Jethro Tull. I hasten to add that the link was kindly sent to me by Boarischa so not my idea. My thanks Boarischa both for the link and introducing me to this song. I am really pleased and ap…

  • Turn! - HFF!

    Robert Wilson's Propeller, Dunbar Harbour. The son of a fisherman, Robert Wilson from Dunbar left school at nine years old. He went on to invent, among other things, a type of screw propeller which he demonstrated in 1827. The patent however was awarde…

  • Bringing in the Boats

    Bringing the boats back in to shore - Crinan I have added the link 'Bring Me A Boat' by Kate Rusby As a second link I have added 'In This Boat Alone' by Kenny Chesney Sight and…

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