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  • she's she

  • The Birdcage

    model : Frederieke

  • red dress

    on flickr: 99043 my tumblr:

  • tulipan

    my tumblr:

  • her bare shoulders

    On Flickr: 93130/in/photostream

  • Arrogance is not a dirty word

    Flickr: 25200/in/set-1141681

  • Caterpillar girl

    flickr: 87065/in/photostream

  • white blossom

    my flickr: 87065/in/photostream

  • Somebody already broke my heart

    other site: 49385 Deviant Art: he-169413031 My website:

  • only in my dreams

    © Carmen Gonzalez the other site;) 13056 Deviant art: in-my-dreams-170385563 my website:

  • Every tomorrow

    Model : Amada Photography: Carmen Gonzalez

  • Hey little girl

    When everything goes wrong sometimes it makes no sense there once was a time I should have known better then although you may try it won't come your way again Hey, little girl where will you hide who can you run to now Hey, little girl where will you go…

  • Merry X-mas everyone

    Love, peace and happiness for all of you....... and myself.. Beginning of next year will be very exciting again. Starting with an exposition of my work in our theatre in Hoogeveen. Good start of 2010? I certainly hope so. 2009 was a heavy year for me. I…

  • i will rise

  • Herfst

    Flickr: 12348

  • Save me from the nothing i've become IE

  • pearl necklace and ponytails

    photographer: carmen gonzalez

  • Model: Emina Photographer: Carmen Gonzalez

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