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My Favorites!

My Favorites!
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Color : Orange and violet. But really, I love almost all colors.
Fruit : I'm on a pear kick right now.
Candy : Sweet Tarts or Twizzlers
Chocolate : Straight up milk or dark
Cold drink : Diet Coke or unsweetened iced tea
Hot drink : tea
Ice cream : Bluebell Mint Chocolate Chip
Chips : Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles
Soup : My mom's tortilla soup
Car : Toyota Venza
TV show : Doctor Who!
Movie : Harry Potter (specifically Order of the Phoenix)
Sport : Probably college football. Especially live.
Perfume : Marc Jacobs Daisy
Stock Blythe doll : Tarts and Tea
Custom Blythe Doll : Probably one of my own girls. lol Maybe Mars?
Meat : Chicken!
Vegetable : cooked broccoli
Genre of music : alternative or indie
City to visit : Santa Fe
Celebrity crush : Matt Smith
Book : Harry Potter series
Sports team: Eh, I have no real allegiance
Pet : Daisy ;)
Meal: Thanksgiving!
Flower : orange roses
Dessert : My grandma's pecan pie
Smell : clean linen
Games : trivial pursuit
Piece of Jewelry : My two family heirloom rings
Jeans : rockstar skinnies from Old Navy
Electronics : My ipad
Hair product : Garnier Length and Strength shampoo and conditioner. The reason my hair is so long!
Sandwich : grilled cheese
Condiment : Ranch
Thing to collect : Blythe or yarn. ;)
Time of day : nighttime
Day of week : Saturday
Actress : I honestly don't think I have one.
Season : Autumn
Designer : Mark Jacobs
Comfort food : kraft mac and cheese
Piece of clothing : my modcloth dresses

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