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  • ganz in weiß


  • Himmelwärts...


  • Where rainbows are made

    I was on my way home just before ten o'clock last night when I noticed this magnificent rainbow maker, competing with the evening sun :o) I made this pano from 5 photos snapped on the road leading through the lava field about 5 minutes drive from my ho…
    By Pixie

  • Kolumba

    Unterwegs mit [ henning ] im Kolumba Kunstmuseum, Köln

  • .

    Münchner Streifzüge 2009 / LX30096 B1
    By malona

  • .

    Freising 2009 / LX30180 B1
    By malona

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    Neumarkt Südtirol 2008 / 22968 B
    By malona

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    Eglise Saint-Jaques, Reims 2009 / FJ07868 B
    By malona

  • Hvítserkur...

    Hvítserkur is the name of this powerful rock! We took a "little" trip the day before yesterday to visit this magnificent place. I would have preferred a little more color in the sky but will just have to go there again soon... Maybe next time we´ll have…

  • Abbaye St Hilaire

    Copyright © Stéphane Vervalle - All rights reserved. Please, see it large on black

  • IMG 4985

  • Sucre d'orge

  • courbes et lignes

    "dans le soleil"

  • Volldampf im Winter

    Ist es nicht schön so eine schicke Bimmelbahn 30 Meter vom Büro entfernt zu haben?

  • Golzheimer Friedhof

    By Kejana

  • i dream of wings

    20288 B
    By malona

  • Berlin Meeting Day 1/morning

    I'm happy to publish this first video of the meeting. This one only covers the saturday morning. more to come soon... enjoy ;)

  • how can it feel, this wrong

    Roads - Portishead Ohh, can't anybody see We've got a war to fight Never found our way Regardless of what they say How can it feel, this wrong From this moment How can it feel, this wrong Storm.. in the morning light I feel No more can I say…

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