• Patio Life: Painted Lady

    Don't get excited this lovely lady visited me last September, after me looking everywhere for one it showed up on my patio/balcony! Happy Valentine's Day to all you Ipernites <3

  • Bow Tied

  • Gone Fishing

  • Patio Life: Opium Poppy

    Every time I get one of these in bloom, we get rain or wind and by the next day when the sun arrives its missing petals or looking worn. Finally got one sorta like...lol

  • Gone

  • Eastbourne Art

    Someone trying to tell us something? Nothing we didn't already know...

  • The Gathering

    Chalkhill Blue butterflies wrangle each other for a good spot on the poo, who said dog poo was useless?

  • Small Blue

  • So Blue

  • Patio Life: Raspberry

    Just can't resist the colors on these :)

  • The Middle of The End

  • Around the Bend

  • Elephant Hawk-moth

    Stars of the catch for 9 July 2013. One of first of Many we've had this year so far.

  • Poplar Hawk-moth Female

    Stars of the catch for 9 July 2013. Female is bigger, bigger bodied, and this lighter markings are usual.

  • Patio Life: Yellowness

  • Swallow-tailed Moth

    Stars of the catch 07 July 2013.

  • Patio Life: Quaking Grass Briza Maxima

  • Fern Rowd

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