• White Fly

    No ID as yet, but a nice looker and stayed still for me :)

  • Snail-killing Fly Coremacera marginata-2

  • Cranefly Mating Pair

    Some of the other lovely things that show up at a moth box.

  • Hoverfly

    on Agrimony

  • Merodon equestris

    Not the loveliest of settings, but a record shot for this attractive Hover.

  • Picture Wing Fly

  • Patio Life: Garden Tiger Parasitized

    About a month before this we found this lovely Garden Tiger caterpillar on umbifers, in a footpath where it is likely the council in their wisdom will come along and weed wack. So we brought it home as this species is one in serious decline for me to r…

  • Patio Life: Somedays You're The Fly

    You know its true...

  • Patio Life: Zebra with Prey

    One of our many Zebra Jumpers with a fly prey.

  • Dagger-faced Fly

    Ok actually I have no idea what kind of fly it is...lol

  • What Have We Here?

    She asks me... Does that look like a tiny french mustache to anyone else?

  • Marsh Snipefly

    It was chasing other flys and such, but not sure of an ID. Update: Thanks to Antonio I was able to find an ID on this guy, from a brilliant contact at Flickr, if you need to see information about something he is the man, Steven Falk

  • Chrysotoxum festivum

    With missing racing stripe it appears..lol I hate it when they just fall off and you can't find them anywhere because they are yellow and so is every flower you've been to all day!

  • This is MY Poo

    Get your own! I found this little scene interesting, (not sure what that says about me, but there you go) the two flies seemed to keep nudging each other with their legs, pushing the other away, and then the poo is loaded with ants and a millipede.

  • Fly Guy

    Don't have an ID on this one but I did like it.

  • Patio Life: Picture Wing Fly

    Stop staring!

  • Friendly Fly

    This guy has a damaged wing, and was walking up the footpath, when I reached down he gladly came onto my finger and was very happy it would seem to be off the ground, as any self respecting hoverfly would be! We left him on this bramble to sun and hope h…

  • Common Beefly

    A few bits from Pons Wood

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