Posted on 07/15/2013

Photo taken on May 25, 2012

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This was once the site of beautiful fields from the Upper Whilting Farm at Combe Valley, this new sign marking the Countryside park entrance says it all I suppose. This beautiful valley is being transected by a overpriced, low benefit link road, which the real issue is that it will allow them to build houses and industrial estates so the council will not listen to anyone.

James Ruddy
James Ruddy
I read some of the articles, but it would take me a century to read them all. I sure agree with those opposed to the roads though I sort of have the opposite problem here. We had some roads they closed, but it was only to make the areas so inaccessible no body can get to them at all...unless you work for the government and are allowed to drive a vehicle overland. But that's not the same situation you are faced with there, I can see. It's all about money I think.
5 years ago.
It is about money, the council have ignored residents, every major nature conservation trust, historical groups, heritage groups, and even as mentioned the highways dept here's recommendations that the link road is not worth the costs, especially when you add the costs to our enviroment and such. The fact is that this road will allow them to also build two housing estates, and another Industrial estate, which is all well and good until you know that we have two other industrial estates in the area which are not being fully utilized now. One of them has only a few businesses in it and its in a perfect location. The other problem with the houses is that there is and entire area here called Hollington in which there are 100's of houses boarded up and in ill repute so not being used. The money could have been given to owners of those (a good portion of which actually belong to the council) to fix them up if there really was such demand for housing. There is demand for the well off to have a house adjacent to a nature area they can sell that better.

On a good note, the archiology team on site have actually found Saxon ruins, an entire village (which is one of the things the historians were trying to get them to realize) and it has brought the link road into question on a bigger scale now, because it was council hired archiologists that discovered it.
Being from the states it happens there, this type of thing, but as this is an island with an ever growing populus of people, we will continue to struggle to preserve nature, and it will be to the determent of us all when we don't give it its equal share of the land.

/end rant

5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.
James Ruddy
James Ruddy
Ranting is good. I do it too...it's a stress reliever. Your points are all good ones as far as I can see. The road project does seem to be motivated by money...greed, selfishness, and simply not caring about the natural world. Finding a Saxon village is great! We don't find many of them around where I live. But it should help put a damper on their road project.

I know Britain is an island, some of my ancestors (family name-Wonders) left the Durham area in the late 1600's to come over here to America. And though it is a much larger land area, it still gets overcrowded in places, and some of our very large national parks have traffic jams and become so crowded with tourists they need protection from them. Actually, I think the planet in general isn't big enough for the population it has on it.

Anyway, I hope you win out over the road projects.
5 years ago.