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  • Sad tulip....

    Spring rain and I still don't know why this tulip is bent over...It's neighbours are looking up to the sky.

  • Fall in the Rainforest

    Hiking (anywhere from 400 to 1200 meters vertical) is a favorite weekend pastime for myself and a friend. My camera is always with me. The forest and streams produce some striking photos in the low light.

  • A Frosty Day at Deer Lake

    At Deer Lake that day the conditions earlier had produced a wonderful glazing of frost over all the trees, bushes and grasses. Any area that was in shade during that clear cold day was spared the melt of the sun. This backlit shot into the sun that was sh…

  • Crow attacking Falcon

    This crow took offence to this hawk or falcon that was pole sitting waiting for fish below to catch. The falcon had made one fishing attempt earlier and failed.

  • Fall in Downtown Vancouver.

    This tree just popped out to me on my lunch break walk last week along the False Creek Seawall. Just past David Lam Park. The blue windows of the condominum tower really adds to the colour mix.

  • Firery Fall Colours

    The maple tree in fall splendor lit up on a brilliant sunny fall day against the azure sky.