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das sind die Alpen - von den Vogesen aus gesehen...


Louis, the Wells Cathedral Cat (PiP)

Louis is a ginger tom hunting mice in Wells cathedral. His favourite place is a basket in the gift shop but here we met him in the market place. He barely suffered the girls' interest and quickly disapperaed again;-) www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/mar/16/cathedral-cat-under-suspicion-following- dog-attacks-in-wells


Laguna Chaxa

Laguna Chaxa lies at ca. 2300m in Salar de Atacama. It is protected as part of Reserva Nacional los Flamencos and as a RAMSAR site. The water in the lagoon has a very high salt content and is the main breeding ground of the endangered Andean flamingo. The photo wais taken in western direction towards Cordillera Domeyko and its highest peak, Cerro Quimal (4278m). Laguna Chaxa liegt auf 2300m Höhe im Salar de Atacama. Sie ist geschützt als Teil der Reserva Nacional los Flamencos und als RAMSAR Feuchtgebiet.…


Andean flamingoes in Laguna Chaxa (PiP)

Laguna Chaxa is one of the main breeding grounds of the endangered Andean flamingo which is easy to recognize by its yellow legs and black tail tip. Other birds like Andean avocet and Baird's sandpiper can also be watched in the shallow saline lake. See inset photos! rsis.ramsar.org/ris/876 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andean_flamingo Laguna Chaxa íst eines der Hauptbrutgebiete für den Andenflamingo, der leicht an seinen gelben Beinen und der schwarzen Flügelspitze erkennbar ist. Auch andere Vögel wie Anden-Säbe…


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