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Cotton Grass

Cotton grass somewhere on the Arctic tundra


Sleeping Bear

An eight foot long male polar bear sleeping on top of a big boulder at low tide. Bower 650-1300mm f/8.0 zoom @ 650mm Fotodiox AI-Nex lens adapter


Heart of Stone

Ananaut building a small inukshuk


Inuit Fisherman

Pulling his boat onto ice after putting his fishing nets in the sea, you can see his nets in the water behind him. We're Inuit or better known as Eskimos; we're shy, mostly quiet and polite people :)


Ski Bike

Ski Bike on top of a hill. Some Inuit kids had fun riding this ski bike down the hill during winter months.

Heidelberg - Schloss - Detail

Der blaue Turm ...

Ehemaliger westlicher Bergfried der stauerischen Kaiserpfalz Wimpfen; Hochwachturm der Reichsstadt Wimpfen; heute höchstes Gebäude und Wahrzeichen der Stadt mit ältester Türmertradition Deutschlands.
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