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Saturday Self-Challenge - 14

Saturday Self-Challenge. 19.05.2018 "Reflections in water"

Water Reflection

For the Saturday Self-challenge: Water Reflection A pond near our new home. It was an accidental underexposure but I like how it turned out.

Moon Over My Cola

The Moon reflected over a heavy lead glass mug of Coca-Cola. After all, things go better with Coke.

Gull Reflection

The Saturday self challenge~ Reflections

Independence of the Seas

bonne journée !

Bon Dimanche de Pentecôte !

merci de vos visites et comms ! touche Z svp ! CLIC sur le bateau


Se in quota è ancora brullo ...

Anémone pulsatille et tulipes bakeri

Anémone pulsatille et tulipes bakeri
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