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  • daniel Gerhartz

    arcus.centerblog.net/rub-peintres-daniel -f-gerhartz-.html There little babe, don't you cry We got that sunny morning waitin' on us now There's a light at the end of the tunnel We can be worry-free Just take it from me Honey child Let me tell you now,…

  • IMGP7394-Modifier

    mon grand fils, au mont Moucherotte. en contre-bas, Seyssins, et Grenoble. (38, Isère)

  • Navegació a vela llatina

    L'Albufera elracodelpare.blogspot.com.es/2016/07/si -em-voleu-acompanyar-una-exhibicio-de.ht ml

  • Stairs

  • Isabella

    Nikon F3 Obj 2/85 mm 3 Flashs électroniques Bowens Boite à lumière et parapluies Kodak Tmax 100 / Kodak HC 110 Numérisation par duplication/ traitement sur Lr6

  • J'veux d'la tendresse ....

    Câlins partout, beaucoup d'caresses Ciel toujours bleu, bisous, ça presse....
    By Boro

  • Up

    Tri-X | Rodinal | Adox MCP 312 | Tumblr | ♫

  • Un lever sur des blés fauchés

  • We miss you Sadie!

    I came across this photo of our recently departed Sadie as I was archiving some of my older photos, she really was such a sweet dog. July 13, 2005 - June 10, 2016. Colorado Springs, CO.

  • A Path To Follow

    Sea defences at Felixstowe

  • Looking for light

    Rudzienko, Poland 2012 | Canon 600D | 30 sec.
    By Mtz '

  • Bibliotheca

    Travel and see new things. Or; look around and find new angles. The next uploads will be monochrome edits. Some will be new uploads and some will be reedited photographs. I hope that the comming monochrome 'period' will be received favorably. This is…

  • HFF - some short and curlies that have been well and truly caught

    Have a good one folks. :) n.b. :- this weeks' offering was chosen for me by the Cloud Whisperer. Many many thanks for the Front Page, most humbling. :)

  • = Under the Veil of Night =


  • Corston Tower

    By Jean

  • incontro occasionale

    Castelluccio di Norcia, Umbria Italy

  • Flying

  • A Garage in the Country

    On Black.

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