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51/52 - hello

Enjoying a mild winter day.

50/52 - Interaction

"Interact with her", I asked Jumahl, in hopes that she would do something interesting. But it sort of spooked her, daddy acting weird! Cocoa is often alarmed by things... it takes her a while to decide whether anything out of the ordinary represents a threat or not.

49/52 - Serious girl

Cocoa has a serious side.


49/52 - All sniffered out

Cocoa and I spent today at a nose work trial, our first attempt to get her NW2 title. After a long day of sniffing, she was exhausted! She did very well, though she didn't get her title - she missed one hide, and I missed one (i.e. I didn't believe her when she told me where the hide was). But it was great fun and we'll be back to try again. The red bandanna is to signal to others that she is a reactive dog. Despite it, one volunteer reached out to try to pet her and panicked Cocoa (it doesn't take m…

Week 48 - Light Painting FAIL!

Well, I loved the idea and was anxious to try this technique - thanks for the great links to tutorials! But when I finally had a little time in an evening to try it, I couldn't get it right. It just wasn't enough to time relax and experiment, really, as putting any time aside for playing with my camera is harder and harder these days! I doctored it up a bit in Lightroom, and will post just to show that I tried! Oh, and also, I got the week wrong, and didn't realize this was last week's challenge. Sigh.…

48/52 - Tan on tan

The winter ornamental grasses made a perfect backdrop for Cocoa's fawn coloring. She posed herself there, and stayed, watching intently, as the others barked madly at something.

Arrrr.... matey!

Sticks are pure enjoyment for Cocoa. Though come to think of it, she feels that way about all her favorite things.

Kong Runner

Django will be 10 next March, but he doesn't seem to have slowed down a bit!

Winter sunshine

And the dogs are taking full advantage. After a cold snap, they really enjoyed a bit of basking during the few hours of bright, warm sunshine.
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