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42/52 - Dawn on the Patuxent

Cocoa came along this morning on a photo excursion for 52 Weeks of Techniques. Our assignment was to shoot a landscape, and I remembered this beautiful nature area along the Patuxent.. Every landscape is enhanced by Cocoa!

Sister team

The sisters came with me to the Patuxent River for a landscape shoot, and of course I had to plunk them down for a posed shot, too. Unfortunately, it was close quarters, with people and a highway nearby, so I couldn't let them explore off leash so I could get some candid shots.

Dawn dog

Black dog at dawn - a challenge! Thanks, Lightroom. ;-)

Week 42 - Patuxent River Dawn

This is my favorite of the three landscape photos I shot for this week's challenge. As soon as I read the challenge, I thought of this spot along the Patuxent River... I'd taken the girls there for a photo shoot when they were puppies and we hadn't been back. It's always misty and beautiful on the marsh in the early morning. I really enjoyed seeing how the skies and the light changed in the 30 minutes just before and after dawn - it was another chance to practice zen photography.

Week 42 - Bridge landscape

Shooting along the Patuxent River at dawn for the landscape challenge, I turned the other direction and was struck by the strong lines of the bridge supports and roadways that cross the river carrying highway traffic from rural Maryland into DC.

Week 42 - vertical landscape

I couldn't resist trying to capture these spectacular vertical weeds in the foreground of the landscape, so it just seemed logical to turn the camera, too.

Sisters, incoming!

Audrey took the lead pretty quickly, but don't ever count Cocoa out - she has heart!

Evasive action

Cocoa has incorporated the agility tunnel into her chase games with Audrey, ducking into the tunnel to evade being overtaken. She seems quite pleased with her strategy.

Handsome gentleman

Just keeping an eye on his girls.
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