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  • Ardnamurchan morning

  • Ardnamurchan storm III

  • Ardnamurchan storm 2

  • Muck 3 lights down

  • Mad shag on Lunga

  • After the rain IV

    Heavy clouds receding after the rain. This big cloud formation just caught my eye out in the fields tonight and the raindrops on the barley made a good foreground although I had to search around to find some stalks that made the composition...wet knees as…

  • Midsummer Insomnia 3

    I don't sleep so well in the hot summer months. Complain about the shorter days but when the long light of June and July hit it disturbs some kind of natural rythym and dreams seem more vivid. There's an urgency to be out there and fear of what your missi…

  • Shit week at work

    Had a shit week at work? Management wound you up to breaking point? Lost sleep over the grief they've dumped on you? It's Friday... have a nice meal and a glass of wine then head out into the sunshine to your favourite location and relax, don't look for…

  • Undiscovered 3

    I've lived here for over 18 years and only discovered this beautiful location today only 20mins walk away. This is going to be quite a challenge to get the exposure right...any tips are welcome!

  • Glen Nevis road

  • Over Bruiach burn landscape

  • Cloudbusting

  • The spring kelpie

    The creature could take many forms and had an insatiable appetite for humans; its most common guise was that of a beautiful tame horse standing by the riverside - a tempting ride for a weary traveller. Anybody foolish enough to mount the horse - perhaps a…

  • Highland pony

  • Erosion Wick

    Wick Caithness Scotland

  • time

    Dornoch beach Scotland

  • Allergies

  • clear blue

    On a clear blue day in Skye with the Old man of Stoer in the background. A wonderful calm day with a nice walk back to Portree. I'd been up at the North East of the island before this and those clouds had dampened any idea of shots of the Quiraing but one…

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