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  • Christo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro

    Corcovado in den Wolken, gesehen vom Zuckerhut! Corcovodo in the clods, seen from Sugar Loaf Christ Rédempteur dans nuages

  • Hraundrangar

    The hard thing when you visit beautiful places - is to choose which pictures to work on. From our recent trip - I think we all filled 2-3 large cards (probably more then 300 pics each) - and all those great places we visited made a bunch of interesting p…

  • Dentelle

    By sergio

  • Angry and hungry :o)

    For the fun of it - put them together... One just got his dinner and the other one trying to scare me away :o) These are taken 2 minutes walk from our home....

  • shadow

  • dolci en gabana1

  • sunset

  • shadows