• my bicycle

    brought me this diana

  • *****

  • Time for me to go away I'll get a new name, I'll get a new face Time for me to go away No I dont belong in this place Western Sky, American Music Club

  • moving between limits

  • the day that makes a difference

  • fragments of light

    among shadows light can bring back a scent of a certain perfume, a past thought of cup of tea... a long afternoon under the sun... ... and other good memories that should be attached to your good heart keep that in mind...

  • into the realm...

    ... of obscureness

  • scents

    Say what you have to say, not what you ought. Any truth is better than make-believe. in Walden Henry David Thoreau

  • it just simply happened

    But the adult is not the highest stage of development. The end of the cycle is that of the independent, clear-minded, all-seeing Child. That is the level known as wisdom. When the Tao te Ching and other wise books say things like, "Return to the begin…

  • the first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year. Mark Twain

  • follow you down

  • after the rain

  • inner world

    um dia de chuva é tão belo como um dia de sol. ambos existem, cada um como é. a rainy day is as beautiful as a sunshiny day. both exist, each one as it is. alberto caeiro

  • lettuce's guardian

  • april

    for zazai

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