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  • Dans le nuage 14

    By Charp

  • Cool Green Heaven

    I really love you and I mean you the star above you, crystal blue Well, oh baby, my hairs on end about you... I wouldn't see you and I love to I fly above you, yes I do well, oh baby, my hairs on end about you... Floating, bumping, noses dodge a tooth t…
    By Shi*

  • summer of '08

    a kind thanks to Jerry "Ghostbones" Jones for the texture

  • Courtyard at night

    lit by candlelight watching la Luna rise over the sea feeling fur as I rock a symphony of frogs harmonise with aromas of Dama de Noche Summer Solstice F31fd 08VI21 10 & 07 [TE inp]

  • old paint

  • Pure~ Impure

    Where true Love burns Desire is Love's pure flame; It is the reflex of our earthly frame, That takes its meaning from the nobler part, And but translates the language of the heart. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    By Shi*

  • L'échine du dragon

    By Charp

  • streamline cat

    By Rumple

  • the beat goes on...

    the beat goes on, the beat goes on drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain la de da de de, la de da de da

  • GoddessSphere

  • Decked

    Xanths, Pitch Pine and Red Oak. Fallen leaves - Raking Yet not raking - Taigi
    By Shi*

  • Light a candle, say a prayer

    A dilated display of new sounds Live on stage -Dilated Peoples over and out!
    By Shi*

  • Kiss from Ms Foxy

    a lill' cutie in my garden ...
    By Shi*

  • ein knaller

    melting sun

  • GWH Mist

  • BushFire

  • Dark Star

    Dark star crashes, pouring its light into ashes. Reason tatters, the forces tear loose from the axis. Searchlight casting for faults in the clouds of delusion. Shall we go, you and I while we can Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds? Mirror shatt…
    By Shi*

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