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  • adoration

    what's the address? dunno. but the place is around here somewhere. how will we find it? I'd recognize the front door anywhere. I hope so, because the cops are closing in fast. no problem. this place is totally secure. yeah? yeah. like a fortress. armored?…
    By honeyj

  • soft fall

    Now Love masters my limbs and shakes me, fatal creature, bitter-sweet. - Sappho, Fragment 40, trans. H. T. Wharton
    By Shi*

  • space is deep

  • i dream of Ike...

    Ike the hurricane

  • underground resistance

    the political cell meeting is tonight. pass it on. got it. psst. the cell meeting is tonight. pass it on. ok. hey, the shell greeting is on tv tonight. pass it on. right. yo. the meal seating is later, you coming? for sure. who's bringing the beer?

  • inlet

    is this the way out? sure. go ahead. you're lying, right? would I do that to you? you have, and you would. forget it, I'm turning around. aw. aren't we sensitive. I'm also alive, and planning to stay that way.
    By honeyj

  • furious

    hey maw! it must be mississippi paddleboat paddlewheel week! why do you say that, vern? just lookit that thing! spinnin' to beat all! vern, quit flappin' your gums and sit down before your teeth fall out.

  • no way out

    hey, paulie, how do we get out of here? whaddya mean? we just arrived. I know. I got a bad feeling about this place, that's all. how come? can't you just enjoy the sunset like everyone else? you mean, like those 2 over there? who? the 2 guys in blue. as i…

  • apocalypse

    is it the end? not at all. just the beginning. the beginning of what? move over here and I'll show you. mmm. ok.

  • they see us

    don't move. don't even breathe. what's wrong? look. over there. my god! what is that? I don't know, but it's looking right at us.

  • another lake sunset

    they're comin' in low, sarge. yeah, I see 'em. can't hardly believe it. angels. hundreds of 'em! whatta we do now, sarge? we watch, and feel lucky.
    By honeyj

  • control center

    sir, I am getting some strange transmissions. from where, corporal? just beyond pluto, sir. is it intelligible? it's in bug-speak, sir. but I can read their coordinates. what are they? they're here! on earth! it's an invasion! scramble the fleet, on the d…
    By honeyj

  • casualty

    the fuse is lit. ok, clear everybody out. what about charley? except for him. really? he'll never know what hit him. gee, I hope not. hey. better him than you, right? thanks. you are so comforting. I try.

  • citadel

    my liege, the visigoth hordes surround us. call out the archers. man the parapets. we are doing that, my lord. but they are too many. nonsense. use that oil boiling thingy. pour it on them. yes, lord, we are. but they still surge the walls. well then, cal…
    By honeyj

  • near death

  • illuminati

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