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  • body snatchers

    they're all loaded. good. hit the road. we've got a lot of deliveries tonight. yeah. fresh pods. for fresh humans. they'll never know what happened. right. they're asleep. asleep and unaware. ok, get going. we still have work to do. by next week, this pla…

  • digital love

    // pixel composing // 2008 // all sizes

  • What a door!

  • perto do sol

    By zenog


  • backwater

    6 minutes and counting, sire. excellent. have the earthlings detected our presence? not at all, your magnificence. they are oblivious. hah hah hah. they will learn a cruel lesson then. ion bombing is now imminent, your grace. that these humans have no win…
    By honeyj

  • it waits

    did you hear that, stanley? what's that, dear? that high-pitch noise, from down there. I don't hear anything. sounds like, I don't know, like insects. what? like a million insect wings, all beating. ridiculous. say, what is that? oh my god! what is that t…

  • Grace

    I gained it so, By climbing slow, By catching at the twigs that grow Between the bliss and me. It hung so high, As well the sky Attempt by strategy. I said I gained it, -- This was all. Look, how I clutch it, Lest it fall, And I a pauper go; Unfitted by…
    By Shi*

  • Mossy Thoughts

    And there by zephyrs, streams, and birds, and bees, The moss-lain Dryads shall be lull'd to sleep; And in the midst of this wide quietness A rosy sanctuary will I dress - from 'Ode to Psyche', Keats
    By Shi*

  • From the Sea

  • View from my window

  • reach

  • fireplace in little river

  • milford sound

  • w'fall2

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