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  • shining path

  • Tussilago farfara-way

    Coltsfoot... on a Scottish beach
    By Shi*

  • futile exercise in black & white

  • Baby it's cold outside ...

    ... Louis observes cold person behaviour.
    By Shi*

  • utterance

  • hillside revival

  • tunnel syndrome

  • Rosy Peak

    The Intractable affirmation / affirmation Against and in spite of everything, the subject affirms love as value. - Barthes
    By Shi*

  • Canal St Martin-4381
    By Djaipi

  • Shade, Canal St Martin (4366)
    By Djaipi

  • pretzels

  • tree of the dead

  • For Freddi Sue

  • Unnatural Acts

    "Aesthetics owes its name to Alexander Baumgarten who derived it from the Greek aisthanomai, which means perception by means of the senses (see Baumgarten, A.G.). As the subject is now understood, it consists of two parts: the philosophy of art, and the p…
    By Shi*

  • Arbres et nuages

    Massif de la Sainte Victoire début juillet



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