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  • Funland 4way

    By Blendo

  • the pearly gates

    By Blendo

  • Charolais

    ... take me to the river ...
    By Shi*

  • Between and Betwixt

    "Gardening imparts an organic perspective on the passage of time." - William Cowper
    By Shi*

  • tunepalume..... التونسية زهرة

    so, nun habe ich mir einen weiteren wunsch erfüllt - ich wollte auch einmal ein blümchen einstellen... allerdings konnte ich mich nicht beherrschen, es auf meine weise darzustellen... ;-)

  • raquel

    collaboration with raquel > http://www.ipernity.com/home/132467 muchas gracias, amiga !

  • portrait of sylvia jones

  • Naiad's Hair

    “And ne'er did a Grecian chisel trace A nymph, a naiad, or a grace, Of finer form or lovelier face.” - Walter Scott
    By Shi*

  • queenscliff pier

  • Tower (blue)

  • Chimera

    By Shi*

  • bathing boxes

  • getaway

    ok, here's our ride. sol, grab the loot. I got the hostage. we all gonna fit in that little thing, jackie? sure we are, don't worry about it. no problem. the hostage too? I mean, she's kinda on the heavy side. hey! she'll hear you. she's got feelings, ya…

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