Debs....aka Bright Glass' photos

rainbows end

An old oak in the New Forest....touched by a rainbow....

new forest pony in snow and sun

An unexpected adventure in the New Forest.

Time and Talents Settlement

'Time and Talents' was established in London in 1888 as a branch of the Young Women's Christian Association. It was run by young women of independent means, who directed their 'time and talents' towards working for those less fortunate than themselves. They established settlements, such as that in Bermondsey to provide a home-life for young factory girls, and clubs such as the Dockhead Club House which opened in 1931. Their activities eventually spread to areas outside of London with community centres in Ha…


Old Harry Rocks. Chalk pillars.

South coast of England. I like the pattern of light and shadow.

the prevailing wind

Greetings! Been away so long! ... I thought I'd come back and see how everyone is doing ....I seem to have taken a huge step sideways.... and then a year can go by so quickly.....

rainy night car park 1

it hasn't stopped raining for weeks... ... there is little else to take photos of except the rain :) Collage of three crops of the same photo - different colour saturation......

old barn in shadows and flood

christmas tree

Merry Christmas one and all!
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