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  • 20110717 17059c

    Cleaning time of Täystuho I have lots of kitten pics but I actually have only two neutered girls who never have had kittens

  • Cat Love

    Hugs and cuddles all around!

  • IMG 6201c

    After dinner Jokeri was looking some attention... Taken in Finland, 2012 Sorry for lazy editing for photo, but somehow this came natural, if I don't edit it.

  • P is for Perfectly Purple Pasque Pulsatilla

    Steve and I went shopping the other day and I had my camera with me. There was a garden center so I went around happily capturing the beautiful flowers, and when I came to this one I stopped and gawked. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PURPLE FLOWER!! This flower was a…

  • âge regard décidé

    Chiara, hier...

  • P is for purple

    Last week I went a different route from work to home and saw a purple field at the roadside. I immediately thought of the lavender fields of Provence, which I'd really like to see. A few days later I took my camera and drove back to the field. It was ...…

  • IMG 0001b

    Pipsa is my sister cat. I did borrow my sister camera, with new objective and tested it to cats right the way. Taken in Finland, 2014

  • Sampson

    Or perhaps Simon. The collar just says "I am not a stray" which doesn't answer the question. (He's left several collars in our yard, after snagging 'em on bushes.) Sampson/Simon lives a couple doors down, and imagines himself the king of the neighborhood…

  • Saucy

    My grandson giving me "sauce".
    By Valfal

  • L is for Lovely Light (+16 more in notes!)

    (+16 in notes above!) Last summer, from July until late November, I was given a never-ending poppy show. Every morning I would step outside and see the new blossoms glowing in the morning sunshine and the sight would take my breath away. These flowers a…

  • Avant la Nintendo.

    Les enfants jouaient dans la rue... Kodak T Max 100 Pentax super A + 50 mm

  • 20110710 15542c

    Hanging out in the red bowl

  • 20080805 7393c

    Elfaba's teddy imitation

  • 20110726 19935c

    Never ending battle

  • 20080809 8075c

    Sena. And I don't know what to say about the rest :)

  • 20110724 19167c

    Pelko in another bowl

  • 20080921 9999 127c


  • 20100810 00525c

    Little Sota

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