Bobby Edwards' photos

  • Da Nang, The Harbor in 1969

  • Suffolk Train

    CABOOSE in Suffolk, Virginia.

  • Southside Rail Station

    THE OLD SOUTH SIDE RAIL STATION in Petersburg, Virginia, and the Rail Station that goes back to the 1850's, and was a Central Rail Center during the Civil War.

  • Hanover Junction, Richmond, Va.

    Hanover Junction, a Civil War battlefield area, where General Grant takes his Army across the Pamunkey River, Just above Richmond. This is a Virginia CSX Rail Road Line.

  • Carson - Rail Line CSX

    The CSX Line with the Train traveling at a very high speed of 90 miles per hour, passes an old English Styled Victorian Home in the Virginia Countryside at Carson, Virginia. This is part of the old Weldon to Wilmington Rail Line used in the 1860's during…

  • Wilmington to Petersburg Rail Line

    On the road bed of the old Civil War rail road from Wilmington, North Carolina to Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia. The bridge crossing is here at Stoney Creek, Virginia, where up the rail track in July of 1864 Federal Troops occupied the Weldon Rail Ro…

  • Briars and Leaves Against the Lake

    LIFE is a Bramble-Briar Bush, that catches those in it's web of thorns and vines. Escape may be fruitless, as just hanging in there until you fall apart could be the only option. Lots of things are caught in it's web, and Today - We are just passing by…

  • Fallen Tree, Was There any Noise ?

    The Mighty Tree - Infected with Old Age and Disease Falls in the Forrest, and if no one is there - will anyone hear the fall? As we reach the twilight of our years, will anyone hear the noise - When we Fall.

  • A Walk in the Woods - Wild Berries in Briars

    COMPLEXITY - I go for a walk in the woods, and I only brought a telephoto. It doesn't work for the beautiful vast expanse of color in the forest. But, if you take what the path offers, you simply look at what nature offers. Today, the complexity of brie…

  • Twisting and Turning

  • A Tree Within a Tree

  • Leaves about to Fall

  • A Walk in the Woods - Briars

  • A Walk in the Woods - Bird

  • A Tree in the Neighborhood

  • Old Antique Car

  • Old Antique Car, 4th of July Parade - Yorktown

  • Antique Fruit Truck, for 4th of July Parade - Yorktown, Virginia

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