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  • Something Different... Again - Premiere Travel

    It's not everyday you see Plaxton Centros in Nottingham but Premiere Travel have two after acquiring them from Veolia Transport for it's University of Nottingham Hopper Bus service. Plaxton Centro Volvo B7RLE (BK10 MFY) stops at Angel Row on the X9 to Lou…

  • Great Characters - Trent Barton

    Trent Barton are at it again with their adverts. This time they show different people around the areas where the 15 serves and also what they like and their characteristics. Optare Versa 803 (YJ11 ENF) displays an interesting advert featuring average joes…

  • My15 Relaunch - Trent Barton

    Today I hopped over to Ilkeston to see Trent Barton's new Optare Versa's on the My15 service between Ilkeston and Old Sawley. Optare Versa 803 (YJ11 ENF) shows off at Ilkeston Market sporting a lovely orange livery and My15 branding.

  • A Wright Gemini... IN NOTTINGHAM!!! - Premiere Travel

    A Wright Gemini in Nottingham! I thought I'd never see the day as Nottingham is a Scania and Optare city and completely dominated by the rather rubbish OmniDekka. Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 4635 (BK10 MFV) passes Victoria Centre not being a University of Not…

  • Picture This - Stagecoach Manchester

    I'm imagining what the Enviro400s look like with NCT. I'm seeing high backed seats downstairs and low backed seats upstairs. Seats leather effect with dark turquoise hand grips. iNiT tracking equipment will be fitted and the back windows will be blocked u…

  • Where's the Blue, Red and Orange? - Stagecoach Manchester

    To distinguish between diesels and hybrids (or any other green alternatives) Stagecoach rebrand their buses with green decals replacing the blue, red and orange. ADL Enviro400H 12027 (MX10 MVR) waits at Piccadilly Gardens on the 86 to Chorlton.

  • Watch Out Stagecoach - Finglands

    For a while Stagecoach has competition mainly from Finglands (part of East Yorkshire Motor Services.) You may still notice the EYMS interior. Plaxton President 1796 (YX51 AYC) passes Piccadilly Gardens on the 42 to East Didsbury.

  • Somewhere Not Piccadilly Gardens - Stagecoach Manchester

    Whilst in Manchester I spent most of the time taking pictures at Piccadilly Gardens but instead took some pictures in other areas in the city. ADL Enviro400 19499 (MX09 ASZ) passes Piccadilly Station on 203 to Reddish, Bull's Head.

  • 'Ohhh My!!!' - Nottingham City Transport

    What a great way for NCT to display the rapid fuel prices in the current times. In fact this advert does not exist anymore as it has transferred to the 36 and carries a new rear advert. ELC OmniDekka 673 (YN05 WGD) displays a shocked woman checking her a…

  • I'm a Clean, Green, Ethanol Friendly Machine - Nottingham City Transport

    Nottingham was the First city in the UK to take delivery of Ethanol powered buses in 2008. 3 were delivered to NCT after funding from Nottingham City Council. Let's not also forget that NCT was the first bus company in the UK to take delivery of Scania Om…

  • Down but Not Out - Nottingham City Transport

    NCT is in the process of getting rid of the unreliable Optare Excels but they seemed to have given up selling them off as they are wheelchair accessible and are focusing on getting rid of the ELC Lolynes. Optare Excel 557 (FD02 SFE) comes from Lower Parli…

  • Remind You Of Anything - Nottingham City Transport

    Whenever I see 747 on a bus it will always remind me of the greatest plane in the world... The Boeing 747. ELC OmniDekka 747 (YN04 UJK) arrives at it's temporary terminus on the 89 (Coincidence!!!) to Rise Park.

  • Over the Rainbow - Trent Barton

    5 Rainbows. Only 3 remain with the Rainbow 1, 3 and 4. The Rainbow 1 mainly serves Northwest Nottinghamshire and East Derbyshire. Scania L94UB Wright Solar 651 (FN04 HSU) heads past on Rainbow 1 to Ripley via Eastwood and Heanor.

  • That's a Dusty Bin - Nottingham City Transport

    I know this bus is just under 3 years old but already 321 is in need of another repaint. No wonder we call it a Dusty Bin. Optare Versa 321 (YK08 EPY) arrives at Queen St for it's return working on the 41 to St. Ann's.

  • The Two Goes to... Victoria Centre - Trent Barton

    Double Two, then Rainbow 2 and now The Two. How many marketing directors does Trent Barton have and how do they keep track of how many brands they have? Wright Eclipse 751 (FJ09 XPL) is on The Two arriving from Ilkeston, Cotmanhay Farm.

  • Have a Guess... What Route? - Nottingham City Transport

    Have a guess what route 746 makes an appearence on? If you now Nottingham and NCT then 746 will more likely be spotted on the 89 and this makes no difference. ELC OmniDekka 746 (YN04 UJJ) heads into South Sherwood St on... Well you know the route.

  • Noisy Thing - Nottingham City Transport

    Some of NCTs fleet of buses do make some very weird noises (in need of maintenance) and 696 makes a strange gargling noise and whilst it's accelerating you can still hear that noise. ELC OmniDekka 696 (YN55 NGV) waits at South Sherwood St on the 58 to Arn…

  • For Once an Enviro - Premiere Travel

    NCT and Trent Barton are strong Optare customers whilst Premiere Travel is mainly ADL. Well sort of... In fact they buy their buses from specialists Mistral. ADL Enviro200 3359 (KX59 GNY) departs South Sherwood St on a Red7 (7) to Mapperley Plains, Lamble…

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