• Gedenkteken, Denekamp

    Back to my holiday, first morning. Memorial to deported Jews in Denekamp

  • Bundesgrenze!

    The Dutch-German border

  • Nuclear stuff... Lingen, Germany

    In the background a cooling tower from the Lingen nuclear reactor. On clear days it can be seen from my home, nearly 50 KM away Too close for comfort really. There is a proper wild wolf in that region though. That is good, beautiful, great.

  • Viaduct in Lingen, DE

  • Dreimädelhaus near Haselünne

  • Oase, Lastrup

    That building has been looking like this for at least the last 16 years.

  • Near Ermke, Germany

    First day stil... clean bike 'n stuff :D

  • Denkmal Molbergen

  • At the Thülsfelder Talsperre

  • Denkmal Ammerländerstraße, Achternmeer

  • Buick

    Looks like a 30's Special Coupé to me. Here's more:

  • Buick

  • Buick

  • Windmühle Aschwarden


  • Windmühle Aschwarden

    Taken from the dyke. Beneath the trees in the foreground you can have coffee and a good bite. More:

  • St Nikolaikirche, Bruch

    www.schwanewede.de/portal/seiten/st-niko lai-in-aschwarden-bruch-wehrkirche-von-1 235-907000178-21070.html

  • Wooden statue in Bokel

  • Wassermühle Deelbrügge

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