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  • I came home last night to this =)

    And there was a pizza in the freezer with nothing I'm allergic too as well. It only took a year to find one, lol.

  • Cold winter night

    You know it's cold when the penguins start to bundle up, lol.

  • They're after my root beer

  • The box lies!

  • Fear is having to hop a fence near Canadian Geese

  • Piplup has acquired a hat

  • Theodore

  • Homicyde!

  • Pengu's latest reading adventure

  • Yaaay blankies!

    It's 80 degrees out and Pengu is excited by blankets. I wish I could bottle his joy and excitement for the little things and sell it.

  • Rawr!

  • What is he doing?

    I left, came back, and he was like this. He wasn't like this when I left. I'm so confused. And sorry about the blurry. I'm extra shaky today.

  • Only they know what they're talking about

  • The newest addition to the penguin army says hi

    It's Piplup!

  • Is this what the antartic is like?

    It's a little colder there buddy, lol. Though Alaska was warmer than us some days in February ><

  • Tried something different

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