Bill Penn's photos


I took these pictures for the skyline, as is obvious.


GWL - 130927-006

New Bond Street


I don't particularly know why I took this picture. The lens is not calibrated for digital and has a tendency to vignette. I added a bit more for effect.


I sandwiched 2 exposures through a layer mask to handle the tonal range. Both exposures were made handheld, so getting them in register was a little tricky and imperfect.


I don't know enough about letter box design to say whether this box is George V or George VI. Apparently it had to be replaced a little while back after the local kids put a firework in it which caused the cast iron to break. The post office have a store of replacement parts and were lucky to find an available spare of the right pattern.



More shots with the really unsharp Olympus lens wide open on a clear bright morning.
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