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  • Un peu de chaleur dans l'eau froide

  • Une cathédrale, des chevaux

  • La froideur a cent visages

  • Castillo de Marvao

  • Calle de Marvao

  • intermède musical : Soojin à la viole de gambe...hiératique, sublime

  • just before dawn

    il faut monter au Hohneck bien avant le lever du jour... et alors, on les voit...monter du creux du lac (le Schiessrotried)...

  • que leur joie demeure...!

  • St. Cirq-Lapopie

    St. Cirq-Lapopie

  • America, the beautiful

    What more could you want from a beautiful autumn morning ? The impressive skyline of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, true blue sky & lake and the unique changes of the fall colors ? During another trip I arrived later in the season and had more orange co…

  • Autumn color palette

    Early on, there aren't that many deep orange & red colors, Epecially at a "low" elevation of 6.500ft like this. . There are more photos from my trip along the Eastern Sierra Nevada / I-395 . N70 5822 FS © Copyright 2016, All rights reserved - Post a…

  • Frosty autumn morning

    It was a chilly morning -- and, as I was walking through the meadow, I noticed there was no squishy sound when my boots sank in. Instead it was a cracking sound. The grass & water still were frozen and I was in fact breaking through thin ice. The evening…

  • Surya Namaskar mantra

    Rattan Mohan Sharma - Devotional - Times Music

  • Cactaceae

    La beleco, forto kaj persisteco de la kakto-floro!

  • Maison familiale

  • Madame Butterfly

  • Badlands National Park

    Another taken of the thunderstorms early Memorial Day morning.

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