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  • La froideur a cent visages

  • Castillo de Marvao

  • Calle de Marvao

  • intermède musical : Soojin à la viole de gambe...hiératique, sublime

  • just before dawn

    il faut monter au Hohneck bien avant le lever du jour... et alors, on les voit...monter du creux du lac (le Schiessrotried)...

  • que leur joie demeure...!

  • St. Cirq-Lapopie

    St. Cirq-Lapopie

  • America, the beautiful

    What more could you want from a beautiful autumn morning ? The impressive skyline of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, true blue sky & lake and the unique changes of the fall colors ? During another trip I arrived later in the season and had more orange co…

  • Autumn color palette

    Early on, there aren't that many deep orange & red colors, Epecially at a "low" elevation of 6.500ft like this. . There are more photos from my trip along the Eastern Sierra Nevada / I-395 . N70 5822 FS © Copyright 2016, All rights reserved - Post a…

  • Frosty autumn morning

    It was a chilly morning -- and, as I was walking through the meadow, I noticed there was no squishy sound when my boots sank in. Instead it was a cracking sound. The grass & water still were frozen and I was in fact breaking through thin ice. The evening…

  • Surya Namaskar mantra

    Rattan Mohan Sharma - Devotional - Times Music

  • Cactaceae

    La beleco, forto kaj persisteco de la kakto-floro!

  • Maison familiale

  • Le paraphe du vent

  • Madame Butterfly

  • Badlands National Park

    Another taken of the thunderstorms early Memorial Day morning.

  • Badlands National Park

    Another of the thunderstorm to the east of Big Badlands Overlook. Nice to catch the galactic center in the sky. Getting the exposure right here was really difficult but this isn't too bad. Took many photos and had a bunch that were junk. But it sure was f…

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