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  • early_red

    the early photographer catches the red...

  • Just add sunlight

    As you can see in the side-by-side comparison, this is a waterfall. Not lava or molten metal It is lit by sunlight / sunset while the cliff in the background lies in the shadow (ideally, in a few days). As you can see TIMING is crucial -- for most of th…

  • la grande mue de la montagne

    Ca fond, ça s'écroule, etc... La montagne se prépare pour l'été ., On distingue le chemin de randonnée à mi-hauteur du cliché... Pas praticable pour le moment !... Bon weekend à tous ,!

  • Soleca kolombo

  • Tenderness

  • Eastern Phoebe babies

    These fledged and left the nest later that afternoon. This is NOT taken with a zoom lens ! This required a ladder ! That is NOT blood on the walls ! I live on red Sandstone.. the sandy soil is red and the nest is held together with red mud/sand.
    By Pam J

  • The 50 Images-Project: Doudou prend le large !

    Doudou leaves at sea !

  • #1 and #2

    Kid #1 and Kid #2 .. In sun and shadow .. Deck railing .. Kid #1 .. '' think she put any food out?'' Kid #2 .. '' won't know unless you go check '' Kid #1 .. '' why is it my turn?'' Kid #2 .. '' because '' And they sat .. perched on the rail .. Neither w…

  • black - cool car

    color wheel - black

  • snow kitten-2


  • kitten


  • IMG 5125


  • De jolies fleurs de muguet, pour du bonheur toute l'année . . .

  • auf der Couch ist es einfach am schönsten (((•‿•)))

    Snapshot ... für mich war dann kein Platz mehr auf dem roten Sofa :-)

  • Nos amours encloses dans des murs de verre : empreintes létales de paumes et de baisers, mais au front qui s’y cogne, torrentielle la poésie.

    Karen Dupre ableaux.htm Ashkenazy plays Brahms - Piano Concerto No. 2, Fourth Movement "Aimer la vie par tous les pores du sensible, ignorer autant qu’il est possible le ju…

  • Fraicheur d'Eve

  • impossible processing delight

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