• Market Basket

    It was a gloomy day, as the fate of this once vibrant and prosperous local chain. The work stoppage and boycott entered its fourth week. The usually packed parking lot was quite empty. 我們最喜歡的超市已經罷工一個月了,因為董事會把員工支持的 CEO 給開除(家族企業糾紛)。原本一位難求的停車場,空空蕩蕩。

  • Market Basket 02

    The shelves were depleted. Shoppers have very limited non-perishable food to choose from. I spent about 30 minutes here but I wasn't happy with the photos I took, mostly because I was not comfortable with taking photos of random people. 架上幾乎都空了。在這裡待了三十分鐘,…

  • Self-portrait

    STATA Center is quite versatile for photography purposes. I spent an hour here, trying to do a decent self-portrait for this week's assignment. 這星期作業要拍自己的人像,我在 STATA 利用鐵片建築的鏡面自拍,花了快一個小時才有幾張比較好的照片

  • Color

    I was drawn to the vibrant color of this boat at New Bedford port. 在 New Bedford. I'm not sure if I should crop it so tightly. 當年世界數一數二的捕鯨港拍的,顏色對比很漂亮。不太確定是否應該裁剪這麼緊

  • Sunflower 04

    Shot at Ropes Mansion at Salem. The garden was very impressive. These sunflowers were at least 2-3 feet tall and the flowers were enormous. 在古時貿易港口 Salem 鎮上 Ropes 豪宅的花園拍的,這些太陽花有一層樓高,花朵十分巨大

  • Abstract 02

    At Salem. Shot as seen, as if the architect conjured up this scene for photographers when he/she built the wall. 在 Salem 鎮上拍的,得來全不費工夫,彷彿當初建這個牆時就幫攝影師構圖好了

  • Gillette Castle

    I had a difficult time working with this castle. I couldn't get nice close-up shot or figure out some patterns from these stone walls. 這座城堡很漂亮,但不太知道怎麼拍。石頭都很大塊,拍特寫不好看,也很難找到規律的美 感。

  • Sunflower 03

    I played with the color, trying to get the over saturated look. Somehow the flower doesn't look very sharp. =( 後置時把顏色調得很飽和,但不知道為什麼總是沒辦法拍得很銳利

  • Shadow 05

    This was shot in the neighborhood of JFK birthplace. The lighting on the colorful fence was beautiful. I took several shots of different sections of the fence and found this worked better. 在甘迺迪總統故居附近看到的光影,試了幾種不同的彩色柵欄組合。

  • Abstract

    This was shot on the street of JFK's birth place in Brookline. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful bark of these trees outside of his house. The colors and patterns were intriguing. I tried several focal length and color composition. 在甘迺迪總統故居那條街上拍的,好…