Posted on 03/12/2012

Photo taken on March 10, 2012

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~ dancing with sunlight ~

~ dancing with sunlight ~

storms in Africa ~ Enya


Walter De la Mare ~ Nod ~

SOFTLY along the road of evening,
In a twilight dim with rose,
Wrinkled with age, and drenched with dew
Old Nod, the shepherd, goes.

His drowsy flock streams on before him,
Their fleeces charged with gold,
To where the sun's last beam leans low
On Nod the shepherd's fold.

The hedge is quick and green with briar,
From their sand the conies creep;
And all the birds that fly in heaven
Flock singing home to sleep.

His lambs outnumber a noon's roses,
Yet, when night's shadows fall,
His blind old sheep-dog, Slumber-soon,
Misses not one of all.

His are the quiet steeps of dreamland,
The waters of no-more-pain;
His ram's bell rings 'neath an arch of stars,
"Rest, rest, and rest again."

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Richard Gawthorpe
Richard Gawthorpe
briliant bev
3 years ago.
Erik Ledroit
Erik Ledroit
I dance with the clouds, you dance with the sunset ...
Maybe, one day, we'll dance together ...
Dancing kisses, Erik
23 months ago.
beverleyplaya has replied to Erik Ledroit

maybe maybe we will wait and see
but two left feet will they step on me ;-)
light and fleet of foot perhaps are you
I am not sure ... what size shoe are U ;-)

dancing kisses .. that's new ;-)
23 months ago.
Erik Ledroit has replied to beverleyplaya
My french size is 43
So I'll let u'r feet free
I'm left-handed
But my mind is free
Coz I'm right-footed
Dance with me ?
One, two, three
I would be happy
That's my therapy
U can trust in me ...

poetics kisses. Erik
23 months ago.
beverleyplaya has replied to Erik Ledroit

French size 43 sounds funny to me
but if you are sure then we will see ;-)
left handed too .. well what a to do
it might be funny to dance with you ;-)
right footed left handed are you sure can dance
should I dance with you and take the chance . . .
one two three ... one two three . . . please tell me
what is this dance you envisage I plea
is this really therapy, I can trust you but can you trust me . . .

poetic dancing kisses
23 months ago.
Lovely image Bev. It's funny how we humans have such an irresistible urge to look at a sunrise or sunset. Something magical about the whole process I suppose. Must be a an impulse from our distant ancestors when it's rising or setting signaled a change. Now when the sun sets we just flick on a light but back then it must have been a warning of danger in the night. A fear of things lurking in the evening shadows.
23 months ago. Edited 23 months ago.
beverleyplaya has replied to Dragonfyre20
thank you and this was taken overlooking the are towards Kenilworth Caslte Ruins,
you walk through Abbey Fields past a natural lake ... and the sun always sets of course
and casts the light through the trees ... in winter then of course the light is so special
and one evenings when there is this pinky hue to the sky ... how magical it is. Indeed
I think the sunrise and sunset and the early light and the last light of the day was
very important ... is that why this Castle indeed was built on a high point to be able
to see well any advancing threat ... I'm not sure ;-) the sun very low when you are
driving, causes big problems as you know ... blinding almost .. and so that
provided advantage to the enemy or those on guard ! ... I think it is special as
is watching the sea ... her moods and find it equally beautiful if you can actually
find somewhere where the sun sets below the horizon and it's the sea ... it's
magic ... she disappears ... we wonder ... will we ever see her again ? ;-)
thanks for your lovely comment and finding this picture ... appreciated !
23 months ago.