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sadly JASPER has disappeared, a neighbours cat who got lost but before that
would visit me everyday when they went out to work, he let me take lovely photos
of him, and his eyes were wonderful, I miss him as if he had been my own !

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A wonderful portrait! And a heartbreaking story... :(
I understand your grief!
6 years ago.
beverley club has replied to 5igrid
o0o I seem to not be able to lay this to rest, not my cat, but Jasper
visited me every day ... he slept in the chair whilst I painted or was
on the computer, and he let me take wonderful photos of him, he
was a delight, so sweet ... it just breaks my heart as if he had been
my own, thanks for the understanding, thank you oOo
6 years ago.
 Dave Linscheid
Dave Linscheid
A beautiful cat, and an excellent closeup. But a sad story.
I had a cat disappear for six weeks once. One night there he was, back in the yard.
He was thin, but recovered.
6 years ago.
beverley club has replied to Dave Linscheid
o0o poor Jasper was found but they did not take care of him properly
and this is the sad part about this ... yes they do come back if they
can ... if frightened by something, they run away and then make their
way back ... sadly I am sure it was the foxes that took him because
he was so weak ... when he visited me, he was almost staggering ...
I could not believe that they had allowed him out ... and in the evening
too ... ! its just so sad ... I am pleased yours came home ... and
recovered ... its heartbreaking and worrying when they disappear oOo
6 years ago.
 Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
Really nice shot, at least you have photos to remind you of him :)
6 years ago.
beverley club has replied to Michael Thompson
o0o many thanks ... and yes ... and they do brings tears sometimes ;-) oOo
6 years ago.
 Sharon Bonj
Sharon Bonj
Jasper was a beautiful cat.....this sad tale reminds me of why I have indoor-only cats! We have one stray outdoor cat the last 5 years that I have finally stopped worrying about--she always shows up, but I'd never let my babies outside!
6 years ago.
beverley club has replied to Sharon Bonj
Hi Sharon, my own cats were never ever allowed out at night to wonder around, never
ever ... if they were in I knew they were safe and they never wished to go out at night,
they were trained to stay in, this neighbour is and was totally irresponsible, there also
seems to be no guilt somehow on their part ... a kind of shrug of the shoulders and
yes we wonder what happened to him ... I cannot tell you my thoughts deep down
about this ... it hurts so much ... he was a gorgeous cat ... came to me everyday
to sit and have a cuddle in my office and then a sleep on my chair ... happy to relax
and sleep and feel safe ... how I wish he had been mine ... its strange how cats
are loyal to their owners ..even when they do not seem to get the care and attention
they need ... I have seen this many times ... but I think he was fond of me too ...
becuse he came to me everyday ... and purred and played and cuddled I think I
saw the best in every possible way of this dear cat ... they missed so much :)
but it still hurts terribly, oOo
6 years ago.
ROL/Photo club
4 years ago.

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