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  • Chateau des Tesnières

  • Chateau des Tesnières

    an unbelievable B&B near Vitré!

  • horizon touching

  • Chateau de Suscino

    near Arzon - Bretagne (13th-15th cent.)

  • art in the window

    in an old sea water mill near Arzon - Le Moulin de Pen Castel - Bretagne, Golfe du Morbihan

  • Trévarez_abandoned

  • Trévarez_windows

    see PiP for another view

  • Trévarez_overview

    as you can see, there are totally irregular silver stains from any other viewpoint, compared to the image before.... The Château de Trévarez (Pink Castle or Red Castle) is a stately home in the commune of Saint-Goazec in Finistère, in Brittany, France. It…

  • Trévarez_art

    exactly from this POV you see a continuous line (of silver foil), made by an artist.........see Perinic D's comment!

  • park_green

  • mystery_stair

  • Château de Trévarez

  • Eckmühl_down

    PiP for mono

  • Eckmühl_sky

  • Men-Hir

    Active lighthouse with a focal plane of 19 m; two flashes every 6 s, white or green depending on direction. 17 m round masonry tower; lantern removed. Construction began in 1891, and the tower was nearly complete when a great storm damaged it heavily on 4…

  • remote skier

    A skier as a small dash in the middle of nowhere, the steep so called "Stierfall" between Madlochjoch (2437m) and Zug (1510m) - better in large!

  • Valluga

    ski tourers climbing up the SW-ridge to Valluga summit, 2809 m

  • avalanches not permitted

    skiing in Lech am Arlberg

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