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  • Buick Eight

    1951-1952 Buick Super Convertible - La Habana, Cuba

  • Charlie, is it you?

    In a house in Habana Vieja - Cuba

  • greened walls

    Habana Vieja - Cuba

  • nail salon

    and a mirror between..........

  • Loco sitting

    1403 - Central Josefita: Wheel arrangement: 2-6-0, Gauge: 4'-8½"; Railroad: Central Josefita, Builder: ALCO (Rogers), Builder number: 4647, Build date: 2/1892 (!!), Location: Almacenes San Jose Artisans Market, La Habana - Cuba The locomotive worked at th…

  • Cafe Express

  • closed eyes

    Plaza Vieja - La Habana, Cuba

  • Revolución

  • serious business

    La Habana - Cuba

  • art and artists

  • magnetic Che

  • a view to Regla

    This photo was taken behind the large market hall 'La Feria de San José', where an artist let his newest work dry. In the background the industrial area of La Habana's district Regla.

  • blue and blue

    1955 Chevrolet

  • black and red

    in the streets of La Habana - 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Sport Sedan, this car is 69 years old!

  • Plaza de San Francisco

    'Plaza de San Francisco de Asis' with the 'Lonja del Comercio building' in the middle. It served as the stock exchange until the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Based in the building are local and foreign companies, the Brazilian Embassy, news agencies like the BB…

  • Cuartel De Bomberos

    Old fire station in La Habana - Cuba, in the background the famous Art Deco 'Bacardi building'. Chevrolet Fleetline Sportmaster in the foreground.

  • under arcades

    National ballet school - building, view from the front of Hotel Sevilla, La Habana - Cuba

  • Terminal Sierra Maestra

    1953 Ford Sunliner and behind a 1955 Buick (thanks to 1971 Dodge Charger R… for the info's)

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