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  • iron cast lighthouse

    Andenes Lighthouse is located at the northern end of the island of Andøya in the Vesterålen archipelago, in the village of Andenes. It was established in 1859 and automated in 1978. The light sits atop a 40-metre tall red round cast iron tower and can be…

  • red tower

    Iron cast lighthouse Andenes - see PiP for details

  • Andenes lighthouse


  • late evening light

    caost near Andenes

  • wild land

  • wild land

    Andøya NW-coast, seen from Andenes, 23:00

  • dark tank

    The Shell Tank: In 1937 the Lofoten-Norwegian-English Mineral Oil LTD based in Svolvaer got permission to place an oil tank in Nyksund. Shell placed the tank behind the 'Klo fish factory'. The oil from the tank was sold from the Klo fish factory, later kn…

  • rusty life

  • green front

  • little red house


  • Nyksund

    Welcome to Nyksund: Nyksund is a very old and remote fishing village. The port was made by joining two islands, Nyksund and Ungsmaloya in 1877. Most of the population left Nyksund around 1972 and for many years Nyksund was a ghost town. Several projects…

  • just a little bit more......

  • Nordnorge

    MS Nordnorge crossing the bridge at Sortland

  • midnight cod view

    see PiP's - Restaurant Kræmmervika Havn in Ballstad - Lofoten

  • a long time ago.....

    wreck in the Morfjorden - Lofoten

  • down the slide.....

    a dock in Henningsvær - Lofoten

  • Mærvoll

    I like this rainy mood, one of my favorite places there, located in Steinsfjorden on the north western side of Vestvågøy between Tangstad and Unstad. No sight to the mountain Himmelstindan behind in the fog.

  • Mærvoll

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