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  • Gué

    C'est un trou de verdure où chante une rivière... Cette petite rivière longue de 13 Km est un affluent de la Loire. Elle a longtemps alimenté les moulins jusque dans les années 60. Elle fait maintenant le bonheur des riverains, et des visiteurs Plein écr…

  • Elevador da Gloria

    Portugal campeão !!!!
    By Boro

  • Ein Fund an einem Sommermorgen - A find on a sunny summer morning

    Please view on black! Ein Schelch am Altarm des Mains wartet auf seinen nächsten Einsatz. A hooker on the river Main is ready for its next use.

  • Distanz

    *on black*

  • gefangen

    *on black*

  • Auf und davon

    *on black*

  • Palais de justice sous la pluie

  • Paradis des photographes

  • Hagnau Winepress / Hagnauer Torkel

    Looking along from the back end. This is the last surviving of 26 this wine making village had of those at some point. It dates from1747 and was used for wine pressing into the 1950's / Am hinteren Ende entlang gesehen. Das ist der letzte existierende von…
    By Sonja

  • A Zeppelin made of Gears / Ein Zeppelin aus Zahnraedern

    Just an artwork by the guest entrance / Nur ein Kurstwerk am Besuchereingang
    By Sonja

  • A Zeppelin made of Gears / Ein Zeppelin aus Zahnraedern

    A bit closer / Etwas herangezogen
    By Sonja

  • Tour Part Dieu

  • Modèle: Inconnu

    Shooting lors d'une jam aux Travées, Juvisy-sur-Orge
    By Claude

  • Natural Art

    A damselfly I found at the local park near a pond. I had never photographed one before, so there was a lot of trial and error before I captured a photo I was happy with. ~ Best seen enlarged on black ~ Thank you all so much for your kind words and faves…

  • Begonia Blossoms in Repose

    A couple of beautiful flowers that fell off my begonia plant as I moved it. I just couldn't let them go to waste... Thank you so very much for your comments and faves, friends and visitors; most appreciated! :-))

  • 6/50 Surreal

    The 50 Images-Project: An experiment using PicMonkey's mirror processing effect on an antique glass bottle (yes, the same bottle I used for my other 5 pictures in the series). Somehow I am reminded of Salvador Dali when I look at the results, lol ;-)

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