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  • Anaconda, La Paloma, Rocha, Uruguay

  • Orkney Stromness Cemetery

    the cemetery of Stroness is located at the most compelling, breathtakingly beautiful place one can imagine as a place for a graveyard. There is an air of dignity in this strong landscape. I came here to photograph it at the first rays of sunlight of a col…

  • Dolomiti_Misurina

    Again a photograph after quite a while of "upload-absence"; and a kind of a sneak preview: I'm working since spring 2014 on a project about mountains, with the final goal of an exhibition and a book. Several times in last half year I was in the Dolomiti…

  • Fend-la-bise

  • Towards Sikulje mine

    Kriegslok 33-064 brings the empty wagons to the loader at the Sikulje coal mine. The use of these 70 year old locomotives at two mines in this area continues in 2014 as they are cheaper than the alternatives.

  • Poseidon-Neptune

  • Split im Dunst

    With their 3280 kW the both Croatian 2062 are hauling a freight train with around 20 km/h up in the hills near Split. On the right side, you can see the Kastels (Stari, Sucurac …), Solin and Split in the haze. Two days later a passenger train jumped off t…

  • Tomma

    Tomma ferry and Tomma island in the background.
    By Frode

  • Sunset in Rethymnon

    From my hotel room
    By Frode

  • Blue dragonfly

    By Frode

  • Red dragonfly

    By Frode

  • Fishing boat

    By Frode

  • After the rain.

    By Frode

  • Aurora Borealis

    By Frode

  • One

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  • The Watonwan County Court House

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  • Another Winter Arrives

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  • A Line In The Snow

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