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  • le pavot blanc

    bonne semaine à tous

  • les jardins de Majorelle

  • dans le jardin de J. Majorelle

  • coucher de soleil à Marrakech

  • Siesta

    Gentoo chick sleeping on the rocks at Neko Harbour. The chicks have to chase after their parent to get food, a ruse to develop their muscles. After a while they need a rest;-) Found a hilarious video of a food chase:

  • Hungry!

    Jougla Point: Gentoo chick being fed by its parent with regurgitated krill and squid.

  • Everest from Druk Air flight Paro-Delhi

    In good weather the Druk Air Flight from Paro to Delhi is unsurpassed for views of the Himalayan chain. The pilot turns into a tour guide announcing peaks from Jomolhari, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse, Everest ... to Annapurna. Here the weather was so cle…

  • Durststrecke

    Du suchst den Himmel und findest die Blicke der Sonne hinter einem blauen Lupenglas die sich in deine Haut brennen wie glühende Klingen doch du kannst einfach nicht aufhören Salz in die Wunde zu streuen und die Bäume erstarren wie Hochspannungsmasten nur…
    By LIZZY

  • Elégante.

    By Ch'an

  • Prenons de la hauteur !!!!

    On black

  • Great Central Railway Loughborough 28th June 2015

    Two for the price of one! British Railways Standard 9F 2-10-0s. Left is 92212, visiting from the Mid-Hants and right is our own 92214.

  • Photo taken at the right moment (on EXPLORE)

    === ===

  • Zorro

  • Snack time

  • Beyond the blue horizon
    By Plume

  • Nochmals Seealpsee - Sicht von der Meglisalp. Schwende, AI, Switzerland

  • hiperrealismo-eric-zener-noticias-totena rt

    Période caniculaire qui me pousse au bord du mirage ; exacerbée par l abstinence
    By Djamel

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