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  • Tapping the slag

    Action under the furnaces at the Benxi steelworks. Photo courtesy of Tarboat junior.

  • Coating plant

    Bitumen coating plant at Pentre Halkyn limestone quarry. This plant used to be much bigger but a lot has been demolished.

  • Tatenhill Lock

    Tanker narrowboat rises in Tatenhill lock on the Trent & Mersey Canal south of Burton upon Trent.

  • British Bricks

    British Bricks the book. Finally it is here! The book uses named examples of bricks from around Britain to look at the development of the industry and the wide range of bricks that were made. Lots of brick photos each with short history of the works that…

  • Honestone Mining

    It's amazing what you find out there when mooching around. This little mine was worked for honestones, just the thing for sharpening your cut throat razor.

  • Cold, cold Jalainur

    Shunting at the Jalainur coal washery in temperatures around -40C. Grab the shots and don't hang around as the cameras soon stop working when it gets that low.

  • Greasing the motion

    A crewman greases the motion of QJ 7081 whilst waiting for the road at Lindong on the Jitong Railway with a short permanent way train.

  • Limeburner's hut

    The fallen chimney lies atop the limekiln at Arbaroba a village not far from the capital of Eritrea at Asmara. The hut housed the limeburner whilst the kiln beneath was being worked.

  • Bestwood

    Bestwood Colliery was closed in 1971 and today the headstocks and sheaves survive with the winding engines and house in the midst of a country park.

  • Postbox misery (PiP)

    The Sunday Challenge (TSC) - Mail Boxes, Letter Boxes.... Deutsche Post has been reducing its services for a long time- the upper photo is the empty wall where a post box used to be in out street, the post box below is all that's left of the former post o…

  • Oberpostdirekton Braunschweig

    NOT the Sunday Challenge: Braunschweig's former Oberpostdirektion, built in the 19th century, now still housing a post office on the ground floor

  • Hnausapollur Panorama (PiP)

    Hnausapollur (also called Bláhylur) is an explosion crater/maar at the southern end of the Bárðarbunga fissure swarm near Landmannalaugar. The cones and craters in that area were formed by explosive fissure eruptions In 870 (Vatnaöldur) and 1480 (Veiðivöt…

  • Contre-jour................!

    Press Z.

  • Le pauvre, il a un coup dans l'aile !

    Morpho bleu Photo prise au Papiliorama de Kerzers à 60 km de chez moi !

  • Mandarins

  • Miam miam :-)

  • KAN ATAO ( = Toujours en chanson)

  • Ciel plombé ..

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