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  • C-Falter (Polygonia C-album) Comma Butterfly

  • Dukaten-Feuerfalter (Lycaena virgaureae) Scarce Copper, ♂

  • Saint-Etienne (42) 20 mars 2010.

    Mémé en met un coup!!!!!

  • Sky, water and buffalo

    By m h

  • Peacock in action

    By m h

  • Misty Morning Sunrise

    The Sun rises through the mist of a February morning

  • Rocks and Ropes

    The harbour at Kyleakin which is on Loch Alsh, Isle of Skye proved a bit of a challenge with the bright sunlight in the harbour and having to shoot from the deep shadows of the rocks. Autumn colours have appeared on higher ground Please view large for de…

  • Capperi che fiore ! ;-)

    BUONA SETTIMANA A TUTTI ! Capparis spinosa caper câpre cappero Explored Do not use my images on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit written permission. All rights reserved - Copyright © Nora Caracci

  • Sledge track

    Met de Slee ging het daar prima-alleen dat terug lopen

  • Recreation

    Alsof hij even pauzeerd,, om op adem te komen

  • Clover

    Kom ik vanuit de scoot nog net bij

  • Autumn Arrived

    regenwater bassin is altijd groen

  • Cardinals hat

    Euyonnimus (kardinaalsmuts)

  • Topple over

    de bloem waait omver

  • The Edge

    Nu en dan leek het even siberie

  • The Day Before christmass

    Links het paadje wat de mensen gemaakt hebben,tegen de muur aan

  • Nuclear power plant

    is dat deze wat stil is gelegt??

  • Lonely life

    Alles sterft nabij >deze planten>>>>>

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