Scenes from La Habana

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  • you need meat

    One of my first albums ever, The Doors - Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine.

  • voltage 110

    Better don't touch this heroe of butchery.

  • convincing magnificence

    Iglesia de la Merced (work began 1775) - One of the few multinational companies allowed to operate in Cuba is the 'Hope Company Ltd.', whose central office is somewhere in Europe.

  • José Martí

    José Julián Martí Pérez (January 28, 1853 – May 19, 1895) was a Cuban national hero and important figure in Latin American literature. During his life, he was a poet, essayist, journalist, revolutionary philosopher, translator, professor, publisher, Freem…

  • Plaza de la Revolución

    The Plaza is 31st largest city square in the world, measuring 72,000 square meters. The square is notable as being where many political rallies take place and Fidel Castro and other political figures address Cubans. Fidel Castro addressed more than a mill…

  • Hasta la Victoria Siempre

    View from top of Memorial Jose Marti: "Hasta la Victoria Siempre", written on the facade of Ministerio del Interior with the huge portrait of Che Guevara above it. In the background Edificio FOCSA and the old hotel Habana Libre.

  • Castillo del Principe - the hidden fort

    If you look on Google Maps www.google.com/maps/@23.1307135,-82.3864 373,545m/data=!3m1!1e3, then you find a huge fort just in the middle of Havana, which is not described in any tourist guide. Not only that, if you walk around this area, you cannot see…

  • Palace of the Revolution

    Located behind the Memorial Jose Marti is the Palace of the Revolution, the seat of the Cuban government and Communist Party. There was no chance to get a view over the whole building, the windows on top of the tower were simply wrong situated ;-)

  • fly me to the green moon

    Sabu's car, a 1960 Buick Lesabre 4 Door Sedan, seen on Plaza de la Revolucion

  • Cienfuegos and his cars

    A pink 1952 Chevrolet Styleline Convertible and a red 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible, seen on Plaza de la Revolucion, before the 'Ministro de la Informática y las Comunicacione' with the huge portrait of Camilo Cienfuegos.

  • Castillo del Principe / 1 - security watchdogs

    On the way to the hidden fort 'Castillo del Principe' one serious difficulty was to pass these very dangerous watchdogs, one ignorantly sleeping and the other even more ignorantly discussing with some fleas just visiting - Bienvenidos!

  • Castillo del Principe / 2 - abandoned houses

    Going further to the fort, some abandoned houses give you a ghost town athmosphere. And nobody there, it's quiet and lonesome, you feel far away from the tourist areas.

  • Castillo del Principe / 3 - abandoned houses

    Who lived in these houses? What was the purpose of these lost buildings?

  • Castillo del Principe / 4 - abandoned houses

    One of the lost houses, before we arrived at the fort. Abandoned, but still interesting architecture....in my opinion.

  • Castillo del Principe / 5 - finally at the fort

    The military fort 'Castillo del Principe' has the shape of an irregular pentagon and has two bastions, two semi-bastions and a rediente, further comprises deep trenches, mine galleries, warehouses, offices, a cistern and a housing area large enough to acc…

  • Castillo del Principe / 6 - the entrance

    There wasn't a soul in sight. I've seen many fortresses, but this one was special. Not because of its beauty, but it's in no tourist guide, no access to the whole area - except you made peace with the giant watchdogs.....and the security guy who was with…

  • Castillo del Principe / 7 - the inner courtyard

  • Castillo del Principe / 8 - the surprise

    The door was open, so we went in and the large inner courtyard of the fort was a surprise. Painted tiles on the columns with themes from La Habana and Cuba - see PiP's! All the rooms we saw (in the short time) were empty.

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