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On the flight from Graz to Frankfurt

Greenland Ice Bride

For me the ice floes form a bride with flowers in her hand ;-)...... on the flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco (the northern route)

A special sight of Golden Gate

The usual fog is coming in the bay from the pacific.......this is the northern end of the bridge near Sausalido....


thousands of crevasses in the glacier on Greenland.....

Sea - Ice - Rocks

The Sleeping Monster

Birthplace of a glacier....

San Mateo-Hayward Bridge

The bridge crosses the San Francisco Bay linking Foster City and Hayward....the total length is 11.3 km, the bridge was built 1929 and was at that time the longest bridge in the world......

USS Pampanito (SS-383)

Now a museum ship, this submarine played the USS Stingray (SS-161) in the 1996 comedy film "Down Periscope" finally it looks peaceful with the seagulls
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