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  • Cuba_2011

    La Habana and whole Cuba is a big oltimer museum, where 1000s of cars from the 50's and earlier can still be seen on the streets, some original, some semi-original, some in a very good, some in a very bad condition. If someone knows the exact car types, I…

  • revolución

  • Habana_balcony

    view from Bacardi building

  • Habana_roof

  • Malecon flying

    these crazy Habanieros were "flying" into the sea from the Malecon..........see notice!

  • Habana_evening

    view from the Fortezza San Carlos de la Cabana......

  • Pontiac Chieftain - 1951

    some original parts missing.......

  • dance_your_life

    Baracoa - Cuba

  • Habana_cat

    the layers on the walls of old houses are telling a lot of history...... better on black....see notice for cat owner!

  • friendly_Habanieros

  • school's_out

    see large version in PiP!

  • Gregorio A. Manalich - 1365 2-8-0

    abandoned steam loco from the sugar mill "Gregorio A. Manalich", built 1924 by Baldwin Locomotive Works, construction no. 57791, Minaz no. 1365, 2-8-0

  • locos_locos

  • Chrysler Imperial - 1956

  • rusty steam eldorado + 1953 Chevy Bel Air

    in the center of La Habana (near the entrance to China town) we found these hidden rusty treasures. for sure all fans of old steam locos will cry seeing the following pictures. but some poor mecánicos plan to make a restoration step by step. they collecte…

  • the smiling dead

  • valuably

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