3-eyed monster on the wall


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stairs are not always the best way

Hammerbrotwerke - 1 This is an image which fits not the current stream of Croatia, it's from an adventure exploring an old factory building (Hammerbrotwerke), more will come later....see PiP

3-eyed monster on the wall

Hammerbrotwerke - 2

dead cats, dead rats

Hammerbrotwerke - 3 www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln_3z6QbVW0

hall of the 3-eyed face

Hammerbrotwerke - 4

Hammerbrotwerke - 5

Hammerbrotwerke - 6

Hammerbrotwerke - 7

Hammerbrotwerke - 8

for more information: www.geschichtewiki.wien.gv.at/Hammerbrotwerke www.dasrotewien.at/seite/hammerbrotwerke

5th floor cupboard

Hammerbrotwerke - 9 see PiP for another format
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