let's revolve through the night

lime and cement - 2018

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let's revolve through the night

better revolve on black in large ;-) exploring lime and cement works, this one is a mill


lime sunday

an exploration of an old lime works factory today - more will come later ;-)

organist wanted

our second visit in the semi-abandoned lime and cement factory. unfortunately no clue, what this was for exactly, except for organ music, but Garafot (thanks!) wrote it is a battery of cyclones to separate dust from different granulometries ;-)

silo fun - up

I call it "silo group-1" here, a second and third will follow later

silo fun - HFF

climbing silo-group 1

there's always a perspective

silo group - 1

silo fun

silo group - 2

silo fun

on top of silo group -2

under the silo

the secret room under the silo (silo-group 1)
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