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  • lava cave

    near Punta Grande - El Hierro

  • coastal colors

    near Punta Grande, a nice place for a bath in silent clear water....

  • Salinas

    remains of old salines near Punta Grande - see PiP

  • Punta Grande - rock arch

    One of many nice lava rock arches on the coast of El Hierro. This one is right west of the Hotel Punta Grande.

  • Punta Grande

    lava and cliffs - El Hierro Punta Grande is situated in a giant historic landslide region.

  • Hotel Punta Grande

    a former storehouse on El Hierro

  • Hotel Punta Grande

    a former storehouse on El Hierro

  • HFF, dear Iperfriends!

    The little Hotel Punta Grande - north coast of El Hierro. Probably one of the smallest hotels I've ever seen. It's built in form of a ship and was an abandoned storehouse before.

  • Roque de Jama

    Good bye Tenerife, let's fly to El Hierro!

  • peaks

    Tenerife south coast

  • an old rural hotel

  • at the pond

  • Teide volcano land

  • Teide volcano land

  • we are observers

    Observatorio del Teide is an astronomical observatory on Mount Teide at 2390 metres, built in 1964. There are Solar telescopes, Nocturnal telescopes and Radio telescopes. In the background volcano Pico del Teide, 3718 m.

  • blue haired girl on old walls - Joy

    Punta del Hildago - see PiP

  • Faro de Punte del Hildago - 4

    The construction of the lighthouse was completed in 1992 and it became operational in 1994. The 50-metre-high lighthouse is built of reinforced concrete columns. Materials used in its construction were brought in specially, including the white gravel, and…

  • Faro de Punte del Hildago - 3

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