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in the beginning they all came true

i realised through making wishes that my grownup wishes differ from my childhood ones. when i was little i would wish for something i want, something extra, whereas now when confronted with the demand of a wish i would think about what is wrong in my life and what i would like to fix. in a sense my adult wishes come from a place of pain, rather than desire. i think that's why this odd little piece had to be so unpleasant. it's that small part of me that looks for a pain to be silenced that wishes loudest.

the song - or noise - has very little structure, and seems chaotic. i took a 'completed' version, reversed it, and layered it over itself from about the halfway mark, meaning that the a little bit of structure is forced into the chaos because you can now take the final product, reverse it, and hear (almost) the same thing. a forwards-backwards song, a zigzag of suffering hehe

the title refers to the disappointment every wish has at it's core. wishes are only real while they're being made. afterwards only a carcass remains.

Snail - School Choir
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