Barry McCullough's photos

  • Storm coming in - Lahaina, Maui

  • Nightfall Florence


  • Pier - Evening light

    The shot was taken from a pier in West Cork, Ireland, one cold autumn evening.

  • Pods

  • Three Bottles

    I like the soft light in this indoor 'Polaroid'.

  • Kerosene

    Shot whilst traveling along part of Route 66

  • Kerosene

  • Corrugations

    Shot with Kodak Retina IIc camera and XP-2 film

  • Messy shot of messy studio

    Still getting to know this camera (Polaroid SX-70) and 'The Impossible Project' film. Very dull day, indoors shot, hand held. Just the top of a few of the containers in focus. Very impressed with the color fidelity of this film.

  • Banana Leaf

    Morning sun Polaroid SX-70 Sonar and The Impossible Project, Color Protection film

  • Grand Canyon II

    Kodak Retina IIc and 35mm Lomography 400 ASA Color Film

  • Old Friend

    SX-70 Sonar and The Impossible Project - Color Protection - Film

  • Shopping

    Kodak Retina IIc with XP-2 B&W

  • Shimmering Tree

    (after the rain) Sx-70 & Silver Shade

  • Apples

    Rained heavily all day yesterday, no point in going out - but there's always inside. PS: Must get a better scanner - this one gives a slight pinkish hue instead of natural white.

  • First Polaroid shot in over 35 years!

    It feels so good to be back shooting Polaroid again after an absence of over 35 years! Thanks to The Impossible Project and an honest seller on eBay - and to Anna Malina (Flickr contact), for the inspiration. Now I need to get to know my camera and the…

  • Outrigger

    Kodak Retina IIc with Ilford XP-2 film

  • Once upon a time

    Kodak Retina IIc with Ilford XP-2 film Multi-exposure in camera.

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