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Logging In for Lunch

14 Apr 2015 1 51
Blue Tit on log at Forest Farm CP, Radyr Cardiff, Locals, including dog walkers often put out bird food whilst out walking, which leads the birds to be a lot tamer than is usual.

Oystercatcher Wallpaper 16:9 Facing Left

31 Jul 2014 3 49
Oystercatcher on edge of Cardiff bay from the outdoor seating area of The Mount Stuart Pub

Oystercatcher Wallpaper 16:9 Facing right

31 Jul 2014 2 2 38
Oystercatcher on edge of Cardiff bay from the outdoor seating area of The Mount Stuart Pub


11 Mar 2019 2 27
Great Crested Grebe at RSPB Ham Wall reserve, in Somerset, attention seeking from female

Capitol Views

19 Mar 2018 3 44
Spring Time View across Cardiff Bay to the City of Cardiff, The Principality Stadium may be seen behind the masts of the Yacht Club - Taken in March 2018, the remnants of snow can be seen on the hills behind the city

Toned Down ToneMap

05 Mar 2020 3 19
Image shows Porthcawl Beach in South Wales, purposely framed to not show the man made component Cropped at 16:9 for possible use as a Screen Wallpaper HDR created and tone mapped with easyHDR, from five images at Half a stop separation. Processing is purposely turned back to give a more realistic but still HDR image.

A Different kind of kids graffiti

21 Nov 2010 1 29
Mosaic off Stow Hill Newport Designed by the young students at the local St Woolos Primary School

View from the Bridge

13 Mar 2020 1 1 23
View South from the roadwway of Herriotts Bridge Nature reserve. HDR panoramic image created from 25 images

Common it may be

09 Mar 2020 1 1 49
Common gull [Larus canus] or sea mew for it's calls, [known as the Mew Gull, in the USA] This bird still in Winter plumage which will soon be moulted out to show a clean White head was located at Herriotts Bridge LNR in Somerset

Spring ready

09 Mar 2020 1 41
Lesser Black-backed Gull [Larus fuscus, race graellsii] at the Herriotts Bridge Local Nature Reserve at the Sothern end of Chew Vally Lake, in Somerset, showing fresh breeding plumage.

Sand Bay Storm clouds

05 Mar 2020 4 1 39
View towards the Gower from Sand Bay Prominade, Porthcawl. Test shot for latest HDR filter from the NIK Collection 2.5. Five Images processed in Lightroom then combined in HDR Effects Pro, then returned to Lightroom to tone down the HDR

Finally have an ID

08 Aug 2012 69
This Image was shot back in August 2012 and has remained a mystery until a few days ago, I was always thinking, due to the time of year, and time of day I made the assumption that this was a butterfly not a day flying moth the Shaded Broad-Bar - Scotopteryx chenopodiata

Lone Oystercatcher

01 Mar 2019 2 59
Single Oystercatcher on edge of mudflats along the Loughor River Estuary

Forest Farm Cascade

30 Jan 2011 2 1 42
Water Cascade at Forest Farm CP, Cardiff

Reflective Duck

06 Feb 2020 5 3 60
Female Tufted Duck on Herriotts Mill Pool at the Southern end of Chew Valley Lake, South of the city of Bristol

Riverside In Sunshine

08 Apr 2011 3 1 39
View of the Newport Riverfront from the West Bank

View East from the B4246

07 Sep 2019 3 1 53
View from the road, over the (now) rare upland moorland. to the left of the image a road leads off to the memorial to the famous racehorse "FoxHunter"

Alert Corvid

14 Jun 2019 2 2 85
Magpie on lookout at Black Rock Picnic Site , Portskewett, South Wales

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