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Wasp Impersonator

14 Jun 2012 3 1 27
Neurotoma saltuum (Social Pear Sawfly) on bank of Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal

Height of summer with Flash Control

08 Aug 2014 7 3 58
Hoverfly on fleabane on Wildflower Meadow, at Newport Wetlands NNR

As the day begins to fade

04 May 2014 6 2 45
View across the water at Newport Angling Association Woodstock Pool, The first pool of the Bob Small Fishery HDR created and tone mapped with easyHDR from three images

Sleepy Woodpigeon

11 Jan 2014 4 2 33
Woodpigeon at WWT Slimbridge Centre preens to prepare for night and is caught in the evening winter sunset

Tubeous Pea in flower medow

24 Jun 2014 3 42
Tuberous Pea, at Wildflower meadow at Newport Wetlands , June 2014

Dressed up for a date!

11 Mar 2019 2 2 27
Great-crested Grebe at RSPB Ham Wall, from Tor Hide

Unseasonal Sunshine

20 Jan 2020 4 37
View accross Chew Valley Lake, in Somerset, from Heron's Green Bank. This is taken towards the end of january 2020 showing a rather unseasonal amount of sunshine for the time of year

Almost Gone

26 Mar 2018 2 1 29
Young male Blackbird at feeding station at Black Rock Picnic Area , Portskewett, Gwent. The dappled appearance indicates that this is likely to be one of the previous year's young birds

Take Off

09 Mar 2020 21
Lesser Black backed Gull takes off from Chew Valley Lake, at Herons Green bay but not appreciated by the other Gull

Iris Sawfly Larva

22 Jun 2017 2 1 31
Iris Sawfly Larva on Bullrush at Parc Slip National Nature Reserve, (Wildlife Trust)

Ready for my closeup

07 May 2019 3 1 27
Dunnock on patio of cafe at Parc Slip Nature Reserve, Tondu, Glamorgan

Lucky Seven?

20 Jan 2020 3 6 40
Group of Canada Geese on Chew Valley Lake , from Herons Green Bank

Food for One

16 Apr 2018 9 5 53
The much maligned American Grey Squirrel, here seen feeding on Bird food put out at the Black Rock Picknic Site in Eastern Gwent. It is a Mammal that is not native to the UK and unfortunately has ousted the native Red Squirrel. Although some blame this on it's better resistance to desease, Parapoxvirus, which does not appear to affect their health but often kills red squirrels, In the main it is bigger and more successful at foraging. In it's native eastern North America, it is the most prodigious and ecologically essential natural forest regenerator, where forgotten seed cahes will sprout in the spring so it can help to maintain the ecology of the woodlands, so nott all bad.

St Davids on the Bay

04 Jul 2019 2 28
St Davids Hotel on the waterfront of Cardiff Bay, from the Water Taxi

Blue Tailed Damselfly!

21 Jun 2013 1 2 50
This is the yellow form of the Female blue-tailed damsel fly, (Ischnura elegans) Sub species infuscans-obseleta. In my own experience in my local areas this is the rarest of the five female colour forms The inset shows the most common colour Morph

... and the table is set

06 Apr 2018 1 6 34
Blue tit about to start feeding on tree stump at Black Rock Picnic Area, Portskewett

A different sparrow

14 Jan 2019 1 4 49
Dunnock, or Hedge Sparrow feeding at Black Rock Picnic area at Portskewett, in Gwent.

Senedd Steps

09 Jun 2014 2 1 31
Image of the steps leading up to the Welsh Government building in Cardiff Bay. HDR tone mapped, and then converted to Black and White, With NIK Silver Effects Pro

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