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Millenium Footbridge from East Bank

03 Oct 2007 24
Millenium Footbridge from East Bank of ERiver Usk with Newport Centre in background

George Street Road Bridge

03 Oct 2007 12
George Street Bridge from East Side of River.


04 May 2008 14
Grey heron on the River Usk. taken from the promonade area next to the Riverside Centre in the centre of Newport


16 Sep 2008 12
Driftwood and reflection on River Usk at Newport


23 Apr 2008 17
Shell of felled log at Gaer Fort, Newport


27 Mar 2008 22
Kittiwake on Handrail on Mumbles Pier, Bird was quite close and showed no fear of humans


27 Mar 2008 22
Kittiwakes on mumbles pier. Birds were used to human contact and allowed close views

Bath Time

26 Feb 2008 25
Pigeons bathing in puddles in John Frost Square Newport after Rainstorm.


28 Jan 2008 26
Male Blackbird on a fence in bellevue park

Reed Light

06 Jan 2012 19
Abstract from Reeds at Newport Wetlands in January Light


04 Apr 2011 12
Reeds at Newport Wetlands NNR, Uskmouth

Red Stone

21 Mar 2011 23
Red & Grey,Photoshop experiment with layers

Reed Walpaper

13 Mar 2011 70
Abstract of reeds at Newport Wetlands, Uskmouth

Snow Scene

06 Feb 2009 27
Snow on Caerleon Hils from Caerau Road Newport

Street Abstract

23 Apr 2008 29
Abstract looking down Caerau Road over towards Caerleon

Textured Transporter

26 Nov 2018 30
Newport Transporter Bridge at sunrise - edited for special texture effect

Mumbles Light Abstract

27 Mar 2008 38
Mumbles lighthouse from mumbles promonade. The Mumbles lighthouse dates back to 1791 when the Harbor Act provided authority and funding for a light to guide ships into Swansea Bay past the hazardous Mixon Shoal, half a mile to the south. It is located on the outer of two small islands, just off shore, known collectively as the "Mumbles Head". After some initial construction mishaps, the structure was completed and commissioned in 1794. The tower has two tiers because initially two open coal fire lights were displayed. These were difficult to maintain and were soon replaced by a single oil powered (Argand lamp) light within a cast iron lantern. In 1860 this was upgraded to a dioptric light and the fort that surrounds the tower was built by the War Department. An occulting mechanism was fitted in 1905 and the light was partially automated in 1934. Later it was fully automated. By 1977 the cast iron lantern had deteriorated beyond repair and had to be removed. A different lantern (taken from Light Vessel number 25) was added ten years later. The most recent major change took place in 1995 when the main light was replaced and array of solar panels and emergency monitoring equipment added.

CD Abstract

15 Sep 2007 1 11
Close-up shot of CD playing surface negative in camera

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