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Woodstock Pool - Pole Fisher

07 Feb 2010 4 51
Pole Fishing at NAA Woodstock Pool, Bob Small Fishery, Bettws Newport. [Processed to give a dreamy look but retain details]

Light As ...

09 Jul 2014 1 1 34
Feather caught in Spiders Web along the footpath of the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal, Malpas, Newport

Winter Reflections

19 Feb 2013 5 2 84
Reflections of trees in pool at GWT Allt-Yr-Yn Woodlands LNR

Norwegian Church Arts Centre [or Mcdonald's Restau…

09 May 2014 2 1 53
Norwegian Church Arts Centre, and Coffee Shop, Cardiff Bay. The original norwegian church was built for the Norwegian Sailors that came to Cardiff to work the Coal shipping Boom during the Industrial Revolution, and many decided to settle to run businesses associated with shipping, including Roald Dahl's father Harald. The Norwegian Church was a much-appreciated home from home, particularly during the Second World War, when Norwegian seafarers were unable to return to their occupied homeland. It is now the centre of the Welsh Norwegian Society. Unfortunately there is a rumour that McDonalds are trying to purchase the building for one of their "Restaurants"


23 Feb 2012 2 70
Waterfall at exit of main lake at Tredegar House CP, Newport

Just Leaves

04 May 2014 1 1 36
Abstract 16:9 walpaper image from a random test shot


18 Oct 2008 2 2 55
Cardiff Castle from Bute Park Processed to give an appropriate "Fairy Castle" Look as planned by the architect William Burges, for the owner, "the richest man on earth", John, the 3rd Marquess of Bute. More info here ...

Millenium Reflective

23 Oct 2008 2 53
Water Tower Sculpture at Cardiff Bay, showing distorted reflections of the Wales Millenium Centre At the time that this image was taken the tower used to have a continuous water flow that is the reason for the distortion, I have not seen the water flow for some years so assume either mechanical or fiscal issues prevent it from being seen as designed


05 Jun 2014 4 3 83
Lone sheep on "bund" surrounding Newport Wetlands, National Nature Reserve - Goldcliff Lagoons

Thar be Dragons Here!

12 Sep 2014 4 70
Male Migrant Hawker Dragonfly basking in Reedbed at Newport Wetlands National Nature Reserve

Damsel without Distress

13 Jun 2017 2 102
Large Red Damselfly on Leaf at South and West Wales's Parc Slip Nature reserve

Winter Reflections

19 Feb 2013 3 2 55
Reflections of trees in pool at GWT Allt-Yr-Yn Woodlands LNR

View from a Dam

20 Mar 2016 3 1 68
View South from Access road on Dam at Llandegfedd Resevoir, New Inn, PontyPool, Gwent

Goldfinch Landing

18 Mar 2014 80
Goldfinch landing on top bar of feeder pole at Newport Wetlands NNR. Image was shot from RSPB Centre using a 400mm Lens, (600mm on Cropped Sensor camera), to Blow out background

Penarth Headland from the Ferry crossing Cardiff B…

04 Jul 2019 1 2 94
The Church visable to towards the left end of the headland, is Saint Augustine's Church Built in 1866. The rows of older tarraced houses, visible along the headland, have increased in value considerably with some now being worth Millions of pounds - a long way from their Pre-Barrage prices of several thousand pounds Created by Merging three random images taken during the ferry crossing.

Equine Feeder

08 Jul 2019 1 2 67
Pony relased at Keepers Pond, to feed, assume this is an organised release but could be just a traveller "thing"


11 Mar 2019 6 4 123
Great Tit on Feeder at RSPB Ham Wall Visitor Centre

Waiting Patiently

18 Mar 2014 74
Female Reed Bunting in reeds surrounding the RSPB center @ Newport Wetlands NNR Shot through Plate Glass

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