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¡Cosa Pobre! (Poor Thing!)

¡Cosa Pobre! (Poor Thing!)
By the best of the very best photographers, I've been taught that when you don't have a tripod use a level surface, a pole, a tree, cup your arms to your chest, ANYTHING to hold that camera steady.

And, according to my own experience,

Wear comfortable clothing!

This woman was brave for two immediate reasons:

Her dress and her shoes.

She took several pictures that were not to her liking, kept falling and making the funniest faces of displeasure.

I took my pictures of her that I liked and left her there squatting.

The obvious: she lacked stability in the absence of a tripod and a teacher.

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"interesting technique"
12 years ago.

What was a long time, like @ 5 minutes or so, who knows, she was in that position when I saw her and still in the same position when I left.

And yes, it was difficult for her but she concentrated and concentrated.

I gave her an A+ for perseverance.
12 years ago.

Thank YOU!
12 years ago.
Ah c'est pas facile, tu bouges tout le temps

Vos photos, sont différentes les une des autres ainsi que vos sujets, pour moi, je vois le plaisir de la photo, dans la variété Si vous voulez partager avec moi cela sera avec grand plaisir. Bonne visite
8 years ago.

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