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museu de cera de barcelona
sixteen years without moving a muscle

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Sixteen Years Without Moving a Muscle

Sixteen Years Without Moving a Muscle
He was grayed hair, smartly dressed and had an appealing face.

I saw him looking out the window shielding the sun from his eyes with his one hand.

But he looked worried and sad.

Who was he waiting for or was he watching someone who had just left?

Had he received some terrible news?

I watched for what seemed like a long time and the old man had not moved as if he were in shock.

I didn’t know what to do. So I took a photo hoping to catch his attention.

He didn’t react.

I moved in closer, took another photo and he didn’t even flinch.

I was surprised, concerned and worried.

I was now so close to the window he would have to be blind not to see me.

His eyes appeared glazed. He was transfixed in this position as if he were made of wax.

So, I took another picture, hoping that the sound of the camera and the sight of ME,taking photos like a MAD Woman, would alert him to my presence,

And then,

Oh, my,

You wouldn’t believe,

I was stunned,

He was a figure from the Museu de cera de barcelona!

Here’s egg in my face.

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Delirium club
To much not good
11 years ago.

You understood what I wrote. Oh, I am so glad.

Better yet, you read what I wrote.

Thanks for recommending the group and for making this photo a "favorite".
11 years ago.

Thanks for adding this photo as a favorite.

You are so correct indeed ... he's been through so much sun.
11 years ago.
Moody ... I will get back to your comment .. it deserves time and thought.
11 years ago.

First, I had to look up Norman Gene. There's a newscaster and the comedian Norman MacDonald.

You got me stumped.


Your rendition of Elton John's song is a gem. I will pay homage as Elton did and retire the song.

Wait! As I write this and hum Elton's song, is Norman Gene the male version of Norma Gene from the song?

Man ... I feel like I am playing "I want to be a millionaire".
11 years ago.

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